Sat, Mar 25, 2023

Peonies or poppies? Roses or Lilies? The alternatives are endless when it comes to your wedding flowers, so it’s essential to find and reserve a florist who understands your concept and has a layout style that’s similar to the one you wish for your big day. To ensure you get the bridal bouquet of your fantasies, sit down with your possible florist from North Parramatta or anywhere else and go over these vital questions listed below.

The Wedding Date

You need to ask the florist, ‘if they’re available on your big date?’ If yes, you can discuss who will be the point of contact on that day and any other clients on the same day. If they have another client on the same day, ask if the same team will work with both clients, or you will get a separate team. In addition, discuss how long they will take to prepare the entire venue.

Further, you need to ask them if they will be available for a venue walk-through before the wedding. Once you discuss these concerns, you will know who will be leading your wedding decor and how they’re planning to do so. 

Floral Budget

You might have your budget set for the wedding, and you must have decided to put some part of it in decor and flower arrangement. It is crucial to ask about the budget and if the florist has any minimum flower budget. Further, consider discussing your budget and if it will be sufficient for the florist and their team to work. To get the desired look, ensure checking the alternatives shared by the florist to maximise your budget. It will allow you to get the best options without having to go beyond your comfort of spending.  

Background Check

In order to confirm getting the best results, a background check and referrals will be helpful. Be sure to discuss how many years the florist has been in the business and how many clients have they collaborated with. In addition, ask them to share a few referrals for you to understand if the clients were satisfied with the work or not. Further, you can request seeing the portfolio where you get to see the pictures of decor curated for other clients by the florist.  

Floral Design

Check different flower designs and share your ideas and vision with the florists. Discuss the availability of flowers according to the seasons to get the flowers in season for your wedding. Further, if you have a significant flower that resembles your bond with your significant other, be sure to discuss incorporating it. You can additionally ask about, 

  • If I give you a reference picture of a bouquet or a centrepiece that we like, can you recreate it?
  • What types of vases will you recommend? And do we rent the vases from you, or do we get to keep them?
  • Can you make sample arrangements before we sign the contract? If so, is there a surplus cost for this?
  • Will you work with our cake designer if we add flowers to the wedding cake? If so, is there a different setup fee for this?

Payment & Logistics

Discuss the payment method and request a breakdown of the final cost to understand the expense better. You need to get the best alternatives for your big day, and hence understanding a few technicalities while selecting the florist will be beneficial for you. 

To conclude, once you discuss the details mentioned above with your florist from North Parramatta or anywhere else in Australia, you will get the best results for your wedding day.