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As per the rules enacted by the Australian federal government, it is mandatory to establish a complete fence around your swimming pool. This fencing idea is to provide 100% protection in and around your pool area. As a result, it is possible to prevent any accidental access to the swimming pools by children. As a matter of fact, the so-called Australian Standard for Swimming Pool Fencing rules has been vigorously followed by all across Australia. Here is a recap of certain basic things of pool fencing in Lugarno as follows:

  • First off, there should be a well-established fence around the pool areas.
  • The ultimate target is to prevent any accidental fall or any accidental access involving children.
  • The swimming pool fencing is of materials like glass, aluminium and steel.
  • It should be strong enough and non-climbable. Fencing should be at least 1200 mm high.
  • Proper gates should be established with the perfect child safety lock

The interesting news is that in an Australian suburb like Lugarno, the people have been seriously following up with these pool fencing safety norms. 

Big Features & Benefits Of Glass Pool Fencing

Speaking of various types of pool fencing, glass pool fencing has got great attention from the people in Lugarno. Glass pool fencing has a lot of things to offer you. Its features and benefits are as follows:

  • Strong & powerful: Glass pool fencing is strong enough to withstand any accidental damage caused by chemicals and other external factors. Made of toughened safety glass, this fencing system is terribly powerful and cannot get broken that easily. 
  • Child safety first: With a better view and non-climbable features, you will be able to keep tabs on every movement of your kids. You can even watch them through the transparent glass from a distance. 
  • Maintenance & hygiene: Glass pool fencing never rusts or corrodes. So it is zero maintenance on your part. Furthermore, no dirt and microorganisms can develop on the glass. Therefore, it is completely neat and hygienic.  Plus, it is crack-free, not affected by pests and insects. That is why your glass pool fencing always looks fresh and much better.
  • Great feeling: You usually get a great feeling whenever you are around the glass pool fencing. Shining glass and reflection of light will just add to the style quotient of your surroundings. Interestingly, you can enjoy observing everything outside the glass even as you are swimming at once. 
  • A blend of everything: Your glass pool fencing will be able to blend in with any environment around. It can add an element of elegance to your atmosphere effortlessly. 
  • A perfect windbreak: The glass pool fencing acts as a perfect windbreak, giving protection from strong winds. So you will feel safe from such external threats. Also, it can always keep your pool areas warm and comfortable reflecting sunlight.

Starting now, you don’t have to complain or whine about anything when you have a glass pool fencing system around. 

Embraces Glass Pool Fencing

By all means, Australia started featuring on a list of those cities using the glass pool fencing systems with strict safety protocols. As a result, there has been a drastic decline in the number of accidents near the pool areas across Australia. Way to go indeed!

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