Sun, Mar 26, 2023

If you have big, tall windows and you need to smartly cover them with curtains but don’t want the hassle of traditional curtain rods, the flexible curtain track is a brilliant solution. The rigid aluminium extrusion sits on top of your window frame and can be adjusted to accommodate any size window while still providing a level view of your garden.

It’s easy to install and makes it possible for you to create a beautiful, custom installation that would have been near impossible with traditional curtain rods. The flexible curtain track can be purchased in lengths up to 39 feet, and all of the hardware you need for installation is included. They also come in various colours, including white, black, silver, bronze, and brass.

The curtain rod looks like an ordinary rod attached to your window frame. You will find the cotton curtain you want to add to the window frame by attaching it first through a ring. The ring is attached at the top of both sides of the window frame using screws or clips. After that, the curtain track is fixed on top of the window frame. The curtain rod is flexible enough to be adjusted to fit any size window.

You can customize the width and length of the flexible curtain track any way you want. You can adjust it to fit your particular window size and use it to cover your whole window or just part of it, like the bottom portion. The curtains are attached using rings fixed in two places at both sides of a traditional window frame using screws or clips.

Works On Any Type Of Window Frame:

The flexible curtain track can be used with any type of window frame. The aluminium extrusion is rigid enough to keep the curtains in place. You can use the flexible curtain track on top or bottom of your window, which won’t affect your view or performance. You can even use it on windows with track-less frames because the rod will hold the curtains in place regardless of whether there’s a track. You may also want to add some soft, decorative fabric to the curtain.

Useful for double-hung windows and bow windows that don’t open or ones that are too small. 

The flexible curtain track creates a beautiful vignette in the room while eliminating window clutter and still giving you a view of nature outside. It does not obstruct your garden’s view; it will just cover your windows without blocking out the sunlight and all the natural beauty outside.

Easy To Install, Use, And Maintain:

No more hassles with curtain rods and difficult installations. There are no problems with falling rings, curtains, and all that stuff because the flexible curtain track provides a perfect hold and allows you to have a perfect view outside your window.

The flexible curtain tracks are surely a great idea for those looking to install curtains without the hassle of drilling a hole in the wall. It also isn’t limited to just using on a window, as you can use it anywhere you want to control how much light comes into the room.


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