Tue, Dec 6, 2022

Going digital has made itself increasingly native to business organizations and institutions all across the globe. To deal with the large scale disruptions in business activities that the pandemic has brought into place, more and more companies are now opting for the digital route to keep themselves afloat and relevant in this competitive market. With the situation unlikely to change its route in the near future, coupled with the boost that businesses have enjoyed post going entirely digital, this drive only stands further incentivized. 


The establishment of the internet as an increasingly accessible commodity in every household has made matters further convenient for business owners and shareholders. All companies need to do to set up their business online is to launch their website and subsequently announce their entire range of products and services on that platform To proceed with that, they first need to purchase a domain name of their choosing. The search for the domain name begins after you’ve decided on a business name which can be done through a business name generator.


With domain name registrations growing by an estimated figure of roughly 5% with every passing year, the quest for narrowing in on a suitable domain name has become more crucial than ever. Although the debate between short and long domain names is one that is long-standing, recent market trends and statistics seem to tip the balance in favor of short domain names. 


With new domain extensions such as .TECH, .SITE, .ONLINE, .SPACE, .STORE, it’s easier to get short and meaningful domain names.


Listed below are a few reasons that elaborate on why choosing a shorter word or phrase as your domain name stands to give you better returns in the longer run. Let’s explore. 


Easier to Build Connections:  

A domain name can be considered short if it contains one or two words at the most. They are the true representation of your business without any fluff. Shorter domains are usually catchy and stick around longer in a user’s mind, which subsequently makes building relationships with people for your business significantly convenient. Apart from being concise and crisp, they also render a layer of enhanced readability to the end-user and consequently register itself as a memorable domain name in the process. 


Further, shorter domain lengths also allow you to print them on your cards, posters, or brochures without taking up any considerable space. This will enable you to expand the visibility of your business and help it gain vital word-of-mouth momentum. Gradually, over time, customers and brands alike start mentally correlating the name of your business synonymously with the products and services of the industry under which it is operating.


Enhanced Website Relevance:

With the attention span of people decreasing day-by-day, it is important to catch the targeted audience’s attention as early as possible. It goes without saying that shorter domain names are easier to remember and manage to stick around in one’s memory for a significant period. If done well, a domain name can actually double up to act as a well-defined and highly-effective anchor text as well; a factor that reflects directly in your search engine optimization (SEO) parameters.  


As every domain continues to grow saturated by the day on account of multiple companies and firms of a similar nature, SEO is the only factor that promises to increase your website’s relevance and give it an additional edge over its competitors. Well-defined and strategically chosen anchor texts are incredibly crucial for they help boost the SEO score of your site, thus rendering it with greater web visibility in the process. All of these factors working in tandem, contribute eventually towards driving greater traffic to your business.


Easy to Type on Mobile Phones:

Considering that a sizable chunk of the current population goes online using a mobile device, it becomes necessary to keep their convenience in mind. Most mobile phones have a small screen, which means the keyboard used to enter the URL would be even smaller. Using short URLs allows users to enter the respective domain extensions in their search bar without committing any typing errors. 

Although this seems quite trivial, it ends up being quite detrimental to one’s business, for spelling mistakes could more often than not redirect your users to a competitor’s website and lose valuable user traffic and business in the process. Thus it is always imperative for the firm to keep its target audience in mind before they develop their website and purchase their domain name. In any case, it is always a safe bet to invest in a domain name that is increasingly cellphone-friendly. 


Short Domain Names are Authoritative:

Given the abundance of generic domain names in the market, the shorter domain names are the ones that end up appearing vastly authoritative and register themselves as premium domains in the mind of their end-users. A domain name that is brief in length gives URLs a chance at cracking the elusive code of rarity and exclusivity, factors that ultimately determine a company’s ability to carve a niche in its operating domain.  


Once you can establish your site as the sole or the most credible authority for a line of products and range of services in the mind of your users, matters begin to become considerably more convenient for you. Such a degree of reputation not only helps you upscale and expand your business but also quell threats by any and all of your competitors. Consequently, users can easily find the information that you have to share just by typing your domain name. 


Accurately Represents Your Brand:

Shorter domain names and extensions can provide an accurate representation of your business. They help you highlight the core values and showcase the uniqueness of your business effectively. While choosing a domain name, one must keep in mind the brand positioning and placement that they wish to achieve with the choice of their domain name. In the process, you must also underline the usefulness of your business to your target audience and clarify the vision that is fundamental to all of your operations. The endgame is to not only make your site and platform identifiable to customers and other businesses but also to acquire a brand image and identity that speaks for itself when the need be. 


The key to finalizing a domain name is to consider it as an investment in your business. You must realize that your domain name ends up becoming the unequivocal and eventual identity of your business and brand in ways more than one. And subsequently, the success of your venture comes to depend on how effectively you manage to make your domain name both marketable as well as brandable.



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