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Whenever people bring up timber flooring in Epping, the first thought is that it’s a costly property update. In reality, getting new flooring benefits the value of any property in the long run. Let’s say you get floating timber flooring – your home will get a complete aesthetic overhaul. Adding items like wool or nylon carpets makes the timber feel extremely special on the feet. 

More importantly, timber floor installers are very accessible. Timber has been a popular choice among architects, builders, designers, carpenters, and developers for centuries. Timber flooring in living rooms, kitchens, and even bathrooms, is still a very common sight. 

Here’s how smart homeowners use timber flooring in Epping to create contemporary, bright, and warm living spaces while saving money in the long-run 

  • Long-Term Dividends:

The key adjectives that almost all buyers of timber flooring in Epping use to describe this material are – long-lasting, robust, and resilient. When maintained properly, high-quality timber gets better with age. 

In contrast, here’s how other flooring materials age over time: 

  • Vinyl Flooring – Children living in homes with vinyl flooring for long periods have been reported to suffer from health issues like respiratory problems, neurological complications, and skin irritations. So, using vinyl flooring for ten or more years is out of the question.

  • Tile Flooring – Although natural stone tiles are supposed to last for seven to eight decades, it’s very common for factors like uneven subfloors, moisture absorption, improper cleaning, the use of poor quality adhesives, etc., to impact the quality of the tiles. Tiles can often get buckled, cracked tiles, pick up rust stains, get faded, suffer from ultraviolet radiation damage, or be chipped.

  • Engineered Wood Flooring – Professional timber floor installers avoid working with engineered wood flooring firstly because it requires more primary energy to manufacture this material than solid timber or lumber. Secondly, the adhesives (mainly urea-formaldehyde) used in engineered wood flooring products degrade in quality over time and can even be toxic. 

That’s why timber flooring in Epping is associated with qualities like long-lasting, robust, and resilient. More impressively, timber flooring gets better with age. Apart from a few scratches, they don’t experience much water or sunlight damage. Plus, the grain and veins of Oak (the most commonly used timber species for flooring) start looking better as they lose their colour due to sunlight damage. 

  • Sustainability:

In the past, most timber floor installers would agree that cost-effectiveness was the key concern for homeowners. Modern homeowners prefer building their homes on the foundations of sustainability. That’s why timber floor installers are the first professionals that come to the minds of such homeowners.  

During the materials selection process, timber, the most organic and living flooring material in the market, is preferred by most. Plus, it’s a renewable material, environment-friendly, and leading sellers produce timbers without using toxins like formaldehyde.

  • Convenience:

Lastly, timber flooring in Epping is preferred by homeowners because it requires much lower amounts of care. Vacuuming, light mopping, and sweeping are good enough to keep timber floors in good condition. 

These intrinsic qualities of timber flooring make it the preferred long-term flooring option for cost-effective homeowners. Spend big once on timber floor installers and forget about flooring duties for the next twenty years! 

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