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Twitter has been in the highlights since it was launched and the reason for that has been the people on it and the content they share. But how does Twitter relate to your website?

For any business, its website is the most important channel for communication and commerce activities thus brands and businesses constantly look for opportunities to enhance their website. Twitter as a social media platform can be hugely beneficial to empower your website performance and grow your business. So, here we have listed how you can integrate Twitter with the website through a Twitter feed, its benefits, and how to do it. 

What Is A Twitter Feed?

A Twitter feed is a feed of content that has been aggregated from Twitter using your profile or hashtags and you can embed this feed into your website with a tool like a Twitter widget. Embedding Twitter feed on a website is the best way to integrate social media. Twitter as a social media platform is extremely popular and engaging among the audience. It has around 350 million active users globally and the best part is that most of the businesses, corporate leaders, influencers, consumers, etc. are available and accessible on Twitter. 

So, here we have listed a few benefits of embedding Twitter feed to your website. 

Why Embed Twitter Feed On Website?

  1. Access To Valuable Content

A website needs valuable content like a human needs water as most of the website visitors come to the website and engage with content before moving towards conversions. So, Twitter feed ensures that you get access to valuable, relevant, unique, and diverse content for your website. This will help you save the content creation costs, resources, and time investments. 

As you can easily curate valuable content from Twitter whenever you want to save you time and money.

  1. Build Trust With UGC 

User-generated content is abundantly available on Twitter and UGC is known to be the most reliable, trustworthy, and authentic content that is shared by real customers based on their real experiences. Curating and displaying the most relevant and valuable user-generated content will help you build brand trust & credibility leading to more user engagement and conversion possibilities. 

It will also help you showcase brand advocacy and positive word of mouth about the brand. 

  1. Increase User Engagement & SEO Performance

Engagement is a key performance indicator for your website and it hugely influences your results and outcomes. Displaying the dynamic, reliable, and engaging content will help you increase user engagement. The increase in user engagement through diversified Twitter content will help in increasing the users’ dwell time on the website and reducing the bounce rate. This will help in improving your website’s ranking search engine results allowing you to get more impressions and more organic traffic. 

  1. Increase Social Reach & Following

Besides the website performance enhancement, embedding Twitter feed on the website will also help you increase your Twitter reach and following through the integration. The website visitors will be attracted to your Twitter profile as they will engage with the feed. It will magnify your reach and brand exposure to new audiences and growth in the following. 

  1. Boost Conversions & Growth 

All the benefits that we have discussed here like an increase in user engagement or build brand social proof or increasing organic traffic from search engines will lead to more conversions. As you are providing highly valuable and engaging information to the website visitors that will help you leverage the user intentions to drive brand growth and conversions.

How To Embed Twitter Feed On Website

  1. Taggbox Twitter Widget

Taggbox is a UGC platform that provides you with a free to use Twitter widget to create and embed your Twitter feed. You can easily collect and curate content from Twitter into a feed. Then you can easily embed this feed to your website be it any website CMS like HTML, WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Weebly, etc. The tool provides immense customization options for the feed. Also, you get features like content moderation, real-time content updates, responsive design, insightful analytics, UGC rights management, content downloading, layout & design changes, etc. 

This tool will help you create an engaging and creative Twitter feed and you can also integrate many other social media platforms as well. 

  1. is a social media aggregator tool that allows you to integrate and embed Twitter feed onto your website within minutes. You can create a beautiful feed with different theme options. You can also choose what content you want to display and what content you want to restrict or remove with its advanced content filtering option. There are different plans and pricing options for you to choose from based on your requirements. 

Besides, the tool has built-in analytics to measure the performance of your Twitter feed and you get access to quick customer support as well along with options to get constant content updates. 


This was a comprehensive blog to help you understand what Twitter feed is and its benefits for your website and business. The tools that we have listed here are the best ones to create and embed Twitter feed and there are many more features and functionalities that you can explore while embedding your Twitter feed on the website. So, identify your Twitter integration possibilities and compare these tools to choose the best suitable one for your objectives.

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