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The most functional area of a kitchen is the kitchen benchtop. Most of the people consider upgrading the kitchen benchtops too when they plan a renovation for their kitchen. When you plan a renovation of your kitchen, you might be pondering upon the various benchtops and which one would be the best for your kitchen! Of the large range of benchtops, stone benchtops in Sydney are the most preferred ones. To clear out your confusion for the best kitchen benchtops and why you must prefer stone benchtops over others, let’s shed some light on the topic to help you out.

Bathrooms are equally important while planning a renovation. Stone vanity tops have always enhanced the look of your bathroom and ensured that you don’t need to replace the vanity tops again & again. Vanity tops need to be the best to make sure that all your bathroom stuff gets accommodated well and you don’t need to worry about scratches and stains on them. Vanity tops have to be water-resistant so as to bring a luxurious look to your bathroom. Give a read to this post to learn more about stone kitchen benchtops and vanity tops.

Stone Benchtops

The incredibly popular material amongst the various materials for kitchen benchtops is the stone. Stone benchtops are generally made of natural stone. Some features of stone benchtops are:

  • Require The Least Maintenance 
  • Are Rock Solid
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Non-porous
  • Resistant To Mould And Mildew
  • Waterproof
  • Offer A Range Of Colours
  • Require Minimal Joints
  • Possess Anti-bacterial Properties

Pros and cons of Stone Benchtops:

They prove to be the most beneficial materials. They are scratch-resistant as well as give a stunning look and luxurious look to your bathroom. They are long-lasting if maintained properly. Every slab of the stone is unique so the resulting one is a combination of different patterns enhancing the superior appearance.

Also, they are hard-wearing and durable. The only disadvantage of these benchtops is that they are a bit expensive and need to be replaced on the damage. So, stone benchtops in Sydney can be the first choice with so many advantages.

Vanity tops

The vanity tops of your bathroom ought to be water-resistant; so that it offers that luxurious look to your bathroom when you don’t have the time to look after it on a regular basis. The material should last a lifetime. In such a case stone vanity tops could be the most preferred choice. Natural stone is considered a step above the other materials as a vanity top material. It usually comprises of a thick solid slab with openings cut properly for the sink.


  • Good, hard countertop material for the bathroom
  • Resist stains in the long run
  • Range of colours available with beautiful variations
  • Less porous than other materials
  • Easy to care and maintain
  • Number of patterns to choose from
  • Exhibit an unmatched elegance

Pros and cons:

Natural Stone offers an enhancing, luxurious look along with being a premium building material. Granite and marble can be the best and most unique ones with dissimilar looks. The only disadvantage is that stone countertops need sealing from time-to-time.


Kitchen benchtops and vanity tops made of stone could prove to be the best choice providing you with a ‘worry-free’ life in the long run.

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