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Being confused about which Vape to choose is a sad reality! Especially if you are on a mission to stop smoking the conventional cigarette or are tired of borrowing your friend’s vaporizer. Knowing what you are buying is essential to avoid frustration when receiving a product that is not what you expected. Therefore, this article will be the definitive guide for knowing exactly which e-cigarette to buy!  We’ll cover the best Vape starter kits, their differences, and cite valuable tips to help you out! Good reading!

Which Vape to choose: What to know before buying a vaporizer?

The first thing to understand is that there are generally three main categories of devices: Conventional Kits, Pod Systems, and Herb Vaporizers.

Understand the difference between each of these categories. Check out:

  • Conventional Kits

Conventional Kits include pens and vaporizers with internal and external batteries. They are the most common and easy to find out. The main focus of this type of vaporizer is the production of vapour and flavour, with little or no nicotine in the liquids that are used. Therefore, it is ideal for entertainment or party use.

  • Pod systems

Pod Systems are devices used for those who want to replace the conventional cigarette with a vaporizer. The objective here is to offer high nicotine content, not necessarily a lot of vapour or flavour. This category has disposable pods or conventional pod systems for liquids with high nicotine content, using Nic Salt. Nic Salt is a naturally formed type of nicotine found in the tobacco leaf, making it one of the best nicotine on the market because of its degree of purity.

So if you are a conventional smoker and are looking for higher levels of nicotine, want to quit smoking, or want to replace the habit with something less harmful, the best option is to buy the best Vape starter kits. These devices are more discreet and are not intended to generate as much vapour, but to offer nicotine in quantities as satisfying as cigarettes.

  • Herb vaporizers

Herbal vaporizers are specific devices for dry herbs, such as tobacco or cannabis. It is a less harmful way of doing medical treatment with cannabis, for example, without necessarily suffering all the effects of combustion.

Suppose you are looking for something for entertainment or use at parties. In that case, your best option is the conventional vaporizer, as its main focus is on producing vapour and flavour, with little or no nicotine in the liquids used.

Also, suppose you are a conventional cigarette smoker, looking for higher nicotine levels, and wants to quit smoking or replace this habit with something less harmful. In that case, your best options will be pod systems and disposable pods.

Knowing the differences between Vape starter kits and their basic functionality will help you choose Vape by acquiring the perfect device for your need. Be aware of counterfeit products and store guarantees, especially if the seller is offering you something you need and not “pushing” unnecessary products onto you.


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