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A skin needling procedure injects collagen and elastin into the skin. The goal is to improve your skin’s elasticity, which can help prevent wrinkles, sagging and other signs of aging. Some people are good candidates for this type of treatment; others may not be able to benefit from it as much because their bodies don’t produce enough collagen or elastin naturally. If you’re considering getting a skin needling procedure done by your dermatologist in Darlinghurst, here’s what you should know about them:

Minimally Invasive Procedure

Also called collagen induction therapy, skin needling in Darlinghurst is a minimally invasive procedure used to inject collagen and elastin into the skin. The doctor uses needles that are smaller than human hair to prick your skin, which then triggers the release of growth factors from your body’s own cells. This process can be repeated several times over several weeks for maximum results.

After treatment with topical cream on top of your new-found collagen and elastin, you’ll likely experience some mild discomfort as your body heals itself; this is normal! However, it may take up to two weeks (or more) before you notice any significant changes in how your face looks or feels; in some cases, people see results within days, but others may not see any changes until after three months have passed after treatment has begun

Skin needling is done by a dermatologist

The needle size varies from 0.25 to 1.5 mm and the length of the needle is usually less than 1 mm. The procedure involves inserting one or multiple needles into your skin and removing it after around 30 seconds, which leaves you feeling little pain or discomfort during or after treatment. There is no downtime when you have skin needling done; however, there may be some redness where the needles were inserted into your skin, but this will fade away within 24 hours.

Tiny needles to prick the skin

Skin needling is a type of treatment that uses tiny needles to prick the skin. The needles are inserted into the skin at a shallow angle. During this procedure, your aesthetician may apply anesthetic cream beforehand so that when they start inserting those needles deeper into your face/back/etc., there won’t be any pain associated with it, and this can help reduce anxiety before seeing results from their treatments later on down the line!

It could take longer if you have a lot of skin to treat. The typical needling procedure lasts about 15 minutes.

In most cases, treatment results improve over time. Results depend on the severity of your skin condition, how many treatments you receive, your age, and other factors such as your skin type. However, if you are experiencing an acute flare-up or being treated for a chronic condition such as rosacea or eczema, it may take longer to see results.

Temporary Effects

After a skin needling session, your skin may be temporarily red, sensitive or swollen. This is completely normal and happens because the needles go deep into the skin. The treatment itself is painless, and you can expect to feel some discomfort while it heals over time.

The most common side effects are mild swelling at the site of injection; however, if you have more serious side effects, such as bruising or bleeding, at this time, then please contact our clinic so we can ensure that all is well before proceeding with any further treatments.


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