Sat, Mar 25, 2023

Loop Detectors are used with vehicle detection loops to create an inductance to sense the traffic and increase access control. They are most used under roadways to detect vehicles that are stopped at traffic lights. The vehicle Loop detector is for counting vehicles traffic, arrival notification, automated gate operators, automated driveway lighting, and even vehicle classification. Vehicle Loop Detectors are not costly and accurate and so they are mainly used on highways. The vehicle loop detector is reliable and does not have the chance of tampering because the installation happens underground and is hidden.

How much will be the cost of installation?

A single-channel vehicle loop detector will cost around AUS $40 to $400/piece may vary from place to place. 

  • They are installed with the help of an efficient mechanical engineer who will place them in a proper way so that they can resist other damages and will lower the cost of installation. 
  • They will work like metal detectors because they capture the change of the vehicle whenever they pass over them. Accuracy in traffic data is very important for all transport operations.

Process of installation:

There are a lot of companies in Sydney, Australia that work as the leading supplier and installer of Vehicle Loop detectors. Vehicle Loop Detectors Sydney are highly efficient in installing the loop detectors which primarily detect the presence of the vehicle with help of inductance change caused by passing of vehicle over the loop of the wire buried underground.

  • The installation takes place with the help of the machine, and it must be noted that a microprocessor chip is installed due to high performance and reliability.
  • Proper installation and proper material are very critical for the proper performance of Vehicle Loop detectors in Sydney. Vehicle loop detectors may be purchased from any manufacturer, but the standard must be at par with the state laid laws. If the installation and material are reliable then the working of the Loop detector for the vehicle is also reliable and accurate.

Who is responsible to install?

The Contractor is responsible to make sure that the loop detectors are marked with rectangular or circular saw-cuts in the pavement just ahead of the crosswalk line. The loops are usually placed in the first 4 inches of the roadway surface.

A couple of benefits post installation:

  • Wires are not exposed in the gutter after installation.
  • Post-installation, before wearing course applied.
  • Observance of both lower and upper surfaces minimizes the moisture access.
  • Loop can be driven over during road work without any damage or lift to loop.
  • Provides address protection from any further physical damage.

At some installations where the speed of the vehicle is high, a pair of loops can be used to understand the speed, and then necessary action can be taken. Loops are also used to call the vehicles for right turn arrows.  These work by detecting the vehicles which are waiting on the loops creating a constant change in the magnetic field of the loop.



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