Thu, Mar 30, 2023

In this article let us discuss some basic details of the industrial or commercial concrete contractors. All concrete contractors cannot take commercial projects they need some specific criteria for becoming industrial concrete contractors.

Let us discuss some important factors for becoming a concrete contractor for industrial purposes:

  • Limits for insurance:

One of the major differences between the domestic concrete contractors and the industrial concrete contractors is the insurance limit. A local contractor can work with the patio construction but they cannot work with the construction of parking areas in the commercial space. A residential contractor cannot take a commercial project because of the limits with liability and insurance. When compared with the residential project the budget for the commercial or residential project will be more. 

There will be more risk in taking up the project. All the concrete contractor both residential and commercial must know their limits. They should also know the type of project which they can accept and also the limits for each project. Most of the contractors who accept residential projects will not have a license for the commercial project. For example, contractors hired for constructing a patio or driveway will not have the license for constructing a loading dock and parking lot. 

  • It is difficult to find a commercial or industrial contractor:

There are many barriers to entering into the commercial contract field and finding an industrial contractor is difficult. Only a few contractors can shift from residential contractors to commercial contractors and also can do the job in the right manner. Some of the important requirements for becoming a commercial contractor are the regulations and rules demanded by the government, compliance and safety concerns that need for doing the commercial projects. Another important factor that you need for becoming a qualified industrial contractor is the total number of workers you have for completing the commercial projects on time. 

  • Growing pains:

The size of the organization is also another important consideration for becoming a commercial or industrial concrete contractor. You must hire extra workers for your organization. You must also have separate departments like HR, and safety. They must follow high standards for becoming an industrial concrete contractor. 

  • Management of large project:

When you are handling a large size project you must able to manage the project. Some of the essential things you must concentrate on becoming an industrial concrete contractor are time management, project management, risk management, and communication between the department and the stakeholder. When dealing with large projects you need an experienced project manager for handling the project. The role of the project manager is managing the plans, managing different types of risks, setting goals and achieving it, and communication. The organization that needs to handle industrial projects must have a few experienced employees in their organization. 

  • Experience and technology:

The contractor who handles commercial projects must use the latest technology available in the market. The quality of the service depends on the experience of the contractor. Contractors must have experience in concrete mix and other technical items.


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