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PPC or Pay-Per-click management is the process of managing a company’s or client’s entire ad strategy and budget. It can be done by either in-house management or by an external PPC agency. 

The job of a PPC management company generally include:

  • Keyword analysis

It includes researching and choosing the right keyword for your ad, which the user is most likely to type on Google. Using ads without proper keywords is of little or no use. A PPC management company can help you find the perfect keyword for your ad.

  • Channel strategy

PPC management isn’t just about managing ads on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) but also using display ads. Display ads are the ads that appear in third-party websites. PPC management can help you manage multiple channels of advertising as per the business’s needs.

Also, Google AdWords isn’t the only platform for showing ads. There are different platforms like Bing Ads, affiliate networks, and other paid social media placements that can be used to show ads and promote your business.

  • Creating landing page

It is the core component of PPC ad management, and having a good landing page can create more traffic on your website. If focuses on creating landing pages that can keep people more engaged with your content. The aim of creating a proper landing page is to make sure it fits your campaign and provides your audience with the information they need.

  • Monitoring

Keeping a close look at the keywords that are mostly used, and focus to bid on those specific keywords for future campaigns. It helps to know if you are getting proper Return on Investment (ROI) from the PPC.

  • Competitive analysis

It is important to keep an eye on the tactics and strategies used by your competitors. It involves monitoring bid amounts, keyword selection and ad copy. 

Bid amounts means keeping updates on how much your competition bids on the PPC ads that you use and checking you can optimize your bids to get more budget.

Keyword selection is the most important component of an AdWord. And it is important to keep a check on the keywords that your competition is bidding on. There are chances you might discover something new which could be better than the previous one. 

Along with keyword selection and bid amounts, it is advised to have a look at the ad copy of your competition. If you are bidding on the same keyword, then having a look at your competitor’s ad copy could provide you with an idea on they are utilizing the keywords in a different way to obtain better results.

  • Testing

It is important on the part of PPC management companies to conduct testing to ensure if you are putting out the best version of your PPC ad. Google tends to create many versions of your ad copy with the help of responsive ads and then deliver the best version to audiences based on their searches. It helps you get a better ROI from PPC and provides a better experience to your audience. 

When does a company need PPC management

The prices of different PPC management varies according to the package you choose. It may range from $350 to $5000 per month. 

For someone confused about hiring a PPC management company, given below are a few reasons on why you should

    • PPC management companies provide experts and can easily help you run and grow your campaign.
    • PPC companies will manage your ad campaign, due to which you will have time for other works.
  • PPC management companies help you stay on the top of your business optimizing your campaign to get the best possible results.

For a business that wants to get big online, it is highly advised and recommended to hire a PPC management company. It might cost you a few bucks but will surely get you better results.


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