Sat, Apr 1, 2023

A serviced office in Warsaw is an office that is completely furnished and ready to use. A serviced office building is run by an operator and often divided into a number of floors or offices that are rented out to various company tenants.

Aside from desk space, tenants get access to the resources needed to run a successful business, such as support for the front desk, access to conference rooms, kitchens, break rooms, printing services, events, and networking opportunities.

Let’s examine a few crucial words in serviced offices sector:

  • Versatile workspace

Offices with flexible contractual conditions are frequently referred to as having flexible workspaces. Coworking areas managed offices, and serviced offices in Warsaw can all be categorised as flexible workspace solutions.

  • Coworking facility

An open-plan workplace that is shared by several people, usually freelancers, business owners, and very small teams who don’t need privacy and want to keep costs down, is called a coworking space. Coworking spaces are located in many buildings with serviced offices.

  • Supervised offices

Managed offices are built for larger businesses that want to be able to name their space and have a little more long-term security, but they nevertheless provide occupants with a comparable level of flexibility as serviced offices in Warsaw. Additionally, they are known as “bespoke” office solutions.

What Does a Serviced Office Licence Agreement Contain?

Serviced offices in Warsaw are complete office solutions that may be occupied right away. The property’s management and upkeep are the responsibility of office operators. The price covers desk space as well as the standard business necessities, like conference spaces, internet access, and a reception manager to welcome and guide guests.

Your licence agreement should make clear which services and amenities are all included in your bundle.

  • Office space and furnishings

Of course, the office itself is one of the key expenses covered by the monthly charge. Serviced offices in Warsaw typically include furniture, such as desks, chairs, and storage, in addition to the actual square footage. A custom fit-out for your business may be offered by some operators either for free or at an additional fee. Others might permit you to bring your own furniture.

  • Utility bills

The cost of a serviced office frequently includes regular office cleaning as well as heating and lighting.

  • Meeting spaces

However, some centres include meeting room rentals as part of the total package. Meeting spaces are often supplied on a pay-as-you-go basis. At the front desk or through the operator app, you can reserve a meeting space.

  • Internet and telephone

Usually, the rent will cover them. However, some serviced offices in Warsaw will impose a separate, discounted price, while others may cap your usage, leaving you responsible for any overage.

  • Reception service

Most serviced offices in Warsaw have a manager and a receptionist on staff. The former is in charge of running the building, and the latter is in charge of introducing occupiers to their consumers and offering everyone in the centre support and customer care.


Desks, Wi-Fi, and storage space are all in working order, and the building management is on hand to address any problems, making well-serviced offices in Warsaw run fluently. Serviced office operators, or the businesses that manage serviced premises, are specialists in the industry and are aware of what functions well.