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Every kitchen renovation involves demolition, whether replacing the flooring or changing the whole kitchen. It sounds intimidating, and kitchen demolition boils down to removing the existing elements of the kitchen. It may be the idea of taking a hammer and slamming through the cupboards and walls when the homeowner is not crazy about the existing cabinets or fixtures.

A professional demolition team strips down the existing kitchen to remove the old cabinetry, accessories, drywall, and flooring. The procedure depends on the depth of the demolition of the renovation requirements. It is necessary to perform the demolition procedure to provide a smooth base for the renovation. 

The demolition procedure includes the disposal of all the renovation debris. In preparation for the demolition, it is necessary to clean everything from all the cupboards and cabinets. Also, this procedure deals with emptying the refrigerator and taking things out of the room, such as decorations. 

Different Steps of Kitchen Demolition

One should designate a place beforehand to put all the items like appliances and trim that the homeowner prefers to keep. This post will discuss the various steps of a complete kitchen demolition. 

Window, Baseboards, and Door Trim

The first step of kitchen demolition is removing the baseboards and trim around the doors and windows. Then cut, and It can reinstall the baseboards once the new drywall gets done. To preserve these and make sure nothing happens to break or crack otherwise during the demolition procedure, the team carefully remove the door and window trim and baseboards intact and set them aside. 


The next step of kitchen demolition is to go for the wood, tile, or carpeting flooring. It gives the demolition team a chance to assess the structural quality of the subfloor. 

The carpet procedure involves making slits in the carpet and pulling it up along the tack points attached to a wall strip. For tile floors, one tile is broken to allow an access point, and the rest gets removed one by one by using a hammer or chisel. But wood floors are more complicated and need a personal inspection. 

Drawers, Cabinet Doors, and Countertops

The kitchen demolition crew start with detaching the countertops if that is the part of what’s holding them. Then the professionals remove the attached screws and remove the countertops. 

Usually, sometimes there are a couple of screws holding the cabinet doors in place. So, the demolition team will remove them from every door and take them down. For the cabinets, they detach the base cabinets and pull them out, take out the top cabinets, and unscrew them from the wall and each other.

Fixtures and Appliances

This particular step of kitchen demolition deals with detaching the fixtures and appliances. According to individual kitchen remodelling plans, one can reuse some appliances and fixtures.

The homeowner can have whatever they want to reuse taken out and kept in the predestinated safe zone. The stove, fridge, microwave, and dishwasher come out in this step. The sinks also get removed before or after removing the countertops. 

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