Thu, Mar 30, 2023

Termites are very small micro-sized living organisms, which shouldn’t be confused with their small size as the activities they do, if they accumulate in large numbers, are very risky for your health and indoor furniture. Due to this reason, they have often been termed, invaders. 

They usually make the dry wood furniture their home and destroy it. If you can notice some random holes in your wooden furniture, small pieces of wings, and black or little brownish shade on the walls, then surely the termites have attacked your home too.

To handle this chaotic and unhygienic situation, you should dial a service provider of termite control in Castle Hill if the condition becomes so worse that it can’t be handled by you anymore. Otherwise, if the termites have just initially attacked your house, then you can take some of the home remedial steps to keep it under control at the early stages only.

This article will help you with that by providing you with a completely tested list of measures you can take for termite control:

  • Use cardboard

You will be shocked to see that a cardboard box is observed to avoid termites in homes. All you need to do is use cardboard and make it wet with a few drops of water and place it near the places you feel the termites have attacked, as the smell emitted by the cardboard is not liked by the termites, and they try to avoid it. 

  • Put the furniture out in the sunlight.

Exposing your attacked furniture out in the open sunlight is one of the most natural and best ways to eliminate these irritating termites. For this, you must assemble all your furniture outside your backyard under sunlight as the sun’s rays effectively kill these termites successfully due to extreme heat and light.

  • Boric acid 

You can make a boric acid solution at home easily by adding some pinches of boric acid and mixing it inside a spray bottle, and spray it on the areas, be it inside your almirahs, cupboards etc., wherever the termites have attacked. This way is perfect for treating those areas which are quite a corner and compact spaces wherever the sunlight could reach. But, you must know that it won’t be providing you with effects in one go as the effect could only be observed after it is sprayed at least thrice.

  • Oiling 

One of the most basic and traditional methods of dealing with a termite invasion by many households is applying oil using a brush on the affected surfaces. The oils made up of neem or orange are simply best for this due to their strong essence and effect. Be sure not to use your hands while applying it, as it could give you some serious skin allergies or infections.

Hence, this was a list of all the pocket-friendly and easy measures you can take for termite control in Castle Hills to avoid these mini parasites from invading your home’s hygienic environment and furniture.


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