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Roller shutter doors are typically used in industrial and commercial environments. They may begin to malfunction if you do not clean and do roller shutter maintenance regularly. This implies you could be locked out, or the doors could become stuck open or close on someone. It would be costly to lose work days, and the products in your warehouse would be jeopardised if the door was jammed.

The following maintenance advice will help roller shutter doors last longer.

Scrutinising The Mechanics

Regardless of how trivial the problem is, repairs and maintenance must always be performed. A monthly or bi-monthly check-up will identify minor issues that can be fixed immediately. If these problems aren’t addressed, a little problem will eventually become a big one that will cost money and cause loss.

Roller shutters should be cleaned at least once every three months

Ensure the guide the shutters follow is spotless and free of obstructions like dirt or fallen leaves. Use a duster to clean in between the slats and a brush for the tracks and ventilation holes.

Harsh filth can be removed with warm water and soap; use a cloth to wipe everything dry afterwards.

Take caution when using manual shutters.

If your shutters are manually operated, be careful when opening and closing them. Avoid letting the door crash to the ground, as this could loosen the screws.

If you have employees working close to the shutters, ensure they are vigilant so nothing gets thrown at them or they fall into the shutters.

Replacement of faulty components

Shutters will eventually need replacement components, such as bolts and other fittings that become worn out from regular use.

The shutters may become dangerous if specific components are worn out because you never know when they’ll start crashing down at high speed. Maintaining repairs is crucial, and getting professional assistance is always preferable.

Keeping it lubricated

It’s crucial to remember that most roller shutter maintenance components are also made of metal. The most accessible approach to prevent shutters from getting caught in the midway position is to keep them well-oiled. Industrial lubricating oil must thoroughly lubricate screws, bearings, guide rails, and rollers. Rust degrades the functionality of the entire shutter and is prevented by oil.

Examine the guide rails and bearings

To avoid corrosion and ensure the smooth operation of the rolling mechanism, the rollers, guide rails, and bearings should be greased once a year.

Keeping them painted

Most manufacturers provide roller shutters in a variety of colours. The paint has two functions: it enhances the aesthetics of the shutter, and it increases its endurance. An extra coat of weather-resistant paint goes a long way. The colour will peel when exposed to extreme weather conditions, but it can always be repainted to look as good as new.

Roller shutter doors are commonly used in industrial and commercial settings. Roller shutters may malfunction if not cleaned and inspected regularly. Replacement components for roller shutter maintenance, such as bolts and fittings, will be required. Maintaining repairs is critical.


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