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If the kitchen is the heart of the house, many people would say that having a range oven as the centre point of the room makes it beat.

With their huge capacity ovens, spacious hobs, and well-known cooking efficiency, range cookers in Sydney not only provide a sense of heritage and style to a kitchen but also significantly simplify life. If you have a big family or like to host parties, they are perfect for you.

Things to consider when buying a range cooker:

Modern range ovens, as opposed to older models, are outfitted with cutting-edge technology, making them fully programmable, simple to clean, and A-rated for maximum energy efficiency. Range cookers in Sydney can have features including a slow cooking oven, a detachable grill, and a wok burner depending on the type. Many people like ceramic glass surface hobs, which certain models include since they are simple to clean.


Typically, range ovens come in sizes 90 cm, 100 cm, and 110 cm (although 60cm, 120cm and 150cm are available). The more space you have, both above and below, the wider you go. A 110cm range is an imposing size that will serve as the kitchen’s centre point and often provides you with six or seven gas burners or induction rings. This size would typically have two ovens and a separate grill. A fan oven and a multifunction oven are frequently used in tandem. Thinking big can be your best option if you enjoy cooking, have a large family (and kitchen), and love entertaining.

Fuel type:

The two main options are dual fuel and electric induction. With the latter, many people feel safer because it combines the familiarity and responsiveness of a gas burner with the quickness and effectiveness of an electric oven.

But induction cooking is also picking up in popularity. It’s amazingly quick and easy to control, which saves energy and gives you fine control over your food. Additionally, the smooth surface of the hob looks fantastic and is exceedingly simple to clean. There is no need to brush heavy pan supports; a single wipe will suffice. Depending on the exact brand and type, electric oven options include conventional, fan, and multifunctional.

It’s important to consider the sort of gas you use when using dual fuel or gas range cookers in Sydney.


Range ovens, once the exclusive domain of the rural farmhouse kitchen, may now be found in even the most modern of homes and are available in a wide range of designs and hues, from traditional cream to china blue.

Range oven purchases require significant financial outlays, and prices can vary widely depending on the level of technology, accessories, and features included.

Common range cooker features:

Fan oven:

The majority of dual-fuel or electric range cookers in Sydney contain at least one oven with a revolving fan to aid in maintaining a uniform temperature.

Pyrolytic cleaning:

To assist keep your oven clean, certain higher-end range cookers may have pyrolytic self-cleaning programmes.

Wok burner support:

For cooking a stir-fry or quickly boiling water, some range cookers in Sydney contain a section designated for high-temperature cooking.


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