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The Caliburn vape Australia is pocket-friendly and ideal for vapers who frequently buy a lightweight frame and slim design. You get more power and a longer battery life with the 690mAh internal battery, a major improvement over the battery in the original Caliburn. The pod kit offers six fashionable colours: red, rosy brown, and black. The Caliburn is the ideal combination of portability, performance, and affordability and is readily available for many vapers worldwide. Below mentioned are the ways to use Caliburn vape:

Basic function:

To turn the Caliburn on or off, press the fire button five times. On either occurrence, the device’s LED light at the bottom will glow green. The LED light displays the charge level while the device is powered on. Green indicates a charge above 60%, blue indicates a charge between 30% and 60%, and red indicates a charge below 30%. The indicator signals that the battery needs to be charged and is running low when the indicator is red. The Caliburn will automatically shut down if the red light flashes ten times in a row, indicating that there is insufficient power. 

Chargeable method:

Use the supplied cord to charge through a USB port. When the gadget is charging, the light at the bottom will steadily flash. It will blink red when the battery is low, blue when the power is medium and green when the charge is adequate. If the battery is completely charged, the light will remain green. You can compare and select the best Caliburn vape in Australia according to your need. 

How to use it?

One of the existing features with Caliburn vape Australia is that you can vape as you like. When you puff on it, vapour will automatically produce, and alternatively, you can vape by holding down the fire button. Using the fire button will result in larger vapour clouds. Some people favour the draw-activated mechanism’s more cigarette-like sensation. There is a little delay with draw-based activation. When you attempt to use Caliburn, nothing happens. Therefore it’s probably locked. To unlock the gadget, swiftly press the button five times.

How to change Caliburn coils?

The coil is at the pod’s base when the top cap is removed. Coil swaps are simple, and easily the coil slips in and out. Reinstall the pod into the device, add liquid, and wait 5 minutes for the coil to prime before using.

Caliburn spitting:

It signifies that e-liquid is stuck in the air passage that connects the atomizer coil to the mouthpiece if your Caliburn is spitting or gurgling. Inhaling into the Caliburn with too much effort will force more e-liquid into the atomizer coil than the wick can handle. The e-liquid eventually finds its way into the air tube of the pod and perhaps even into your tongue. That shouldn’t happen when you vape if you softly inhale.

Final Thoughts:

You can follow the given instruction to use Caliburn vape Australia in a better way. It works with a built-in battery. It lasts for a period of 1 to 2 weeks. You should replace it if you notice the flavour is less pleasant. 


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