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Concrete is used a lot in any kind of construction. Most houses use concrete because it offers durability. But concrete can be worn off by natural phenomena like the change of temperature, rain, and snow. Concrete sealing is a way to prevent concrete surfaces from getting damaged. Concrete sealing in Wollongong and other places is provided by different contractors.

Concrete sealing in Wollongong and other regions is needed because concrete is a porous material that easily absorbs fluid materials. Besides natural phenomena, even household chemicals like oil, salt, and fertilizers can damage concrete. Concrete sealers form a barrier between the concrete surface and weathering agents like dirt, grease, ice, and snow. Whether it is a patio, a driveway, or a decorative pavement, concrete surfaces must be sealed every three years to make them attractive as well as durable for a long time. 

Types of concrete sealants

You can find different types of concrete sealing in Wollongong and other parts of Australia. 

Here is an overview of the various categories:

Integral sealants are added to the concrete mixture during manufacturing and hence it starts protecting the concrete surface from the time of construction.

The other type is the penetrating sealers that penetrate the concrete and acts as a chemical barrier against water, salt, and moisture. They do not alter the look of the concrete and leave a natural finish. These are mainly used for the construction of any structure outdoors. These need maintenance every five years.

You have decorative sealants that are usually made of acrylic and available as solvent-based or water-based formulas. These usually leave a shiny and smooth look, giving the concrete a beautiful look. These tend to wear off faster than penetrating sealants and need regular reapplication and maintenance, especially when used outdoors.

Advantages of concrete sealing

Whether it is concrete sealing in Wollongong or any other part of Australia, here are the following benefits you can enjoy:

Prevent mould formation: As concrete absorbs moisture, it tends to grow mould. Mould and mildew tend to form on concrete that stays wet for a long—causing discolouration. Concrete sealing prevents such growth of mould and mildew. This helps to keep the look of the concrete intact.

Increase durability: When concrete is exposed to weathering agents, it tends to crack and scale easily. You can increase the durability of the concrete by applying a seal. Sealants also prevent potential damages from occurring. 

Increasing life span: On average, a concrete surface lasts for twenty-five to thirty years. But the damage can decrease its lifespan, forcing you to replace it. Sealing makes it likely that the concrete will survive its entire lifespan.

Prevent stains: Concrete sealing prevents permanent stains and can be used for driveways, patios, pool decks, and garages. Just wiping the stain can keep the concrete looking new.

A lot depends on the type of sealant that is selected. Integrated sealants and penetrating sealants last longer than decorative ones. Sealants with their benefits help to increase the lifespan of the concrete.


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