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Before you start learning the procedures of how to insulate the garage doors, it is vital to know about the R values. R-value measures the effective level of any insulation type. Higher R-value means better energy efficiency and climate control for your place. Now, this value for insulation will vary depending on multiple factors, including the thickness, density, and type of the insulation material. The total R-value of the chosen insulated areas will increase as you start to stack insulation layers well.

Higher R-value for the garage door insulation in Australia will help in keeping the garage warmer during the winter times and cooler in the summer months. Now, this higher R-value insulation is mostly expensive than the lower value insulation. For best insulating your garage and to remain within your budget at the same time, you better select the insulation type, depending on the garage type and the door you possess.

Right tips to follow:

There are some right tips available, which will help you to select the right insulation for the said garage doors. So, without wasting time any further, let’s start working on those tips right away!

  • The non-heated and detached garages will mainly need insulation with the R-value of 0 to 6 for improving the present climate control. These garages are not going to affect the heating bills of your home. So, you don’t have to worry about energy efficiency from the current insulation at all.
  • On the other hand, the attached and non-heated garages will need insulation with a 7 to 9 R-value as heat loss can affect the heating costs of the home in this type of garage.
  • The heated garages must have the R-value of 10 to 13 for the insulation. Then the garages with the living spaces above must have insulation with an R-value of a minimum of 14 for keeping the living space comfortable with the garage.
  • You must know that the steel garage doors are insulated better naturally when compared to the wooden ones. So, if you have wooden garage doors, then insulation the wooden garage door insulation in Australia is always of high-end priority. It helps in improving the temperature inside the garage well.
  • Metallic garage doors can easily opt for any form of insulation. One affordable option will be the fiberglass-based insulation batts.
  • Then you have the wooden frame and panel garage doors as another interesting option to check into. It will need that rigid insulation like the foam board.
  • An insulating garage door will be a lot easier with the DIY-based garage door insulation kits. These kits will have pre-cut insulation, tape or fasteners, and even some tools like utility knives and gloves.

Once you have these tips handy, getting your garage door insulated won’t be a tough call to make. Just get in touch with the best team over here and get quality help by your side. You will be amazed at the options coming towards your side for sure with the best insulation tricks and tips.



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