Thu, Mar 30, 2023

Homes are our sanctuary and the best place that can be! So making it look beautiful and elegant should be your motto. One way to do it is by installing a suspended ceiling grid. False ceilings are also referred to by people as dropped ceilings. They are being increasingly touted as a symbol of aristocracy. The new-age homes are now being adorned with these exciting elements which make the home’s interiors look more glamorous.

1. Classic Grid Ceilings

One of the most trending suspended ceiling grid designs is a classic grid ceiling. You can get a grid-like pattern in gypsum, wood, glass, or any other material you want. The squares between the grids can be elaborated with different colours or lights to make the look pop.

2. Cheerful décor

Colour is most sought after in a child’s room. Here we need to prioritize love and warmth over minimalism. A pop of colour with the help of fancy lights and a false ceiling can help it make both a fun and relaxing space.

3. Gypsum false ceilings

These are soft, lightweight, fire-resistant, thermally insulated, and sound-insulated suspended ceiling grids. Gypsum boards are cut into the correct shape and given finishing touches with laminates, paints, or textures before being connected to a suspended metal framework.

4. Coffered Ceilings

Coffered patterns are essentially squared patterns with criss-cross beams for a frame-like design. It provides a hefty look to the area where it is installed and is incredibly eye-catching. These look wonderful in living rooms and bedrooms and are makes people feel good who love to have an organized look.

5. PVC false ceilings

These suspended ceiling grids are productive for areas that are damp including your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or garage. PVC panels are essential in creating a completely water-proof false ceiling that is decorative too.

6. Grey Undertones

The love for the colour grey and shades of grey in decor has multiplied over time. Try experimenting with the colour grey and shades of grey ceilings in your study area. Grey smoothly blends in with the rest of the décor and makes your work or study time an enjoyable experience. 

7. Fluorescent lights ceiling 

A simple translucent suspended ceiling grid of square tiles with fluorescent light can be a perfect one for your hall or a badly lit room. A formation of a grid pattern looks stunning and lit up the room in a consistent way. 

8. The combo look

 Have you ever stared at ceilings where there is a dual effect and marvelled at the idea? Now you can accomplish that too. Light and dark-coloured suspended ceiling grids in combination have an understated sophistication. 

9. Foam ceiling

Foam-textured ceilings have beautiful designs made into them, commonly white in colour. They raise the standard of the room they are installed in. The patterns hide the grid effect as the patterns seamlessly blend into each other. 


Choosing a suspended ceiling grid for your home can be a thrilling task but you need to have an idea of the correct designs, materials, and contractors. After all, you wouldn’t want such a costly thing to get ruined in a few years.



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