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If you don’t know from the name itself, stone masonry can be referred to as a building construction that is made up of stones and mortar. Usually, stone masonry is not used by households. But some people believe in picking stonemason services in Sydney. Here are some types of stone masonry which have been widely used:- 

  • Fixer Masonry:- 

This refers to that type of masonry where stones are fixed to the building directly on the job site. This would usually take a lot of time but people who are taking the services would be in a better shape to understand if it is working or not. Also, they have a chance of improving with the designs. The work in progress would include materials such as grouts, mortars and lifting tackle. You would also be required to have enough manpower to do the job as soon as possible. 

  • Rubble Masonry:- 

If you want the stonemason services to be economical, rubble masonry is meant for you. It is very cheap and the cost can be incurred by the majority of the people in Sydney. Different types of rubble are put up for the work. Random rubble is the cheapest way of having stonemason services. The shape and size of stones, in this case, is contrasting in almost all the cases. Square rubble would help you to give a better look to the walls. It comes with straight beds and sizes. No matter the type of rubble masonry, the joints will be really wide and it wouldn’t be in the same pattern at all. 

  • Ashlar Masonry:- 

Ashlar Masonry is the contrast of rubble masonry. The bed and end joints are extremely fine and they look pretty good as well. It involves using such stones which have been cut in a fine manner keeping a project in mind. This type of architecture is used by the people of high-class society. Stonemasonry services would cost you big if you choose this type of masonry. The idea is to give your building a classy look. 

  • Stone Veneer:- 

If you need something that can give your building a great look and be able to protect you from any damages inside or outside, you have to go for stone veneer services. First of all, a structural wall is put just like any normal stonemason service. Thereafter, a veneer is formed with flat stones. It would be around metal tabs. It would require services from an expert and if you get the right people at work, this is a very useful way of putting on stonemason. 

  • Slipform Masonry:- 

If the durability of the construction matters more than anything else to you, slip form masonry is going to be a perfect fit. It is like providing layers after layers to the construction. If you go for this type of stonemason service, you will have to make sure all the material required for the job is available with you in large quantity.

So these are some of the common types of stonemason services. Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments!

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