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There are many types of hearing aid available in the market. They can be worn behind the ears, inside the ears or used as per your convenience. Your audiologist or your hearing service provider will help you in choosing the right one depending upon your health condition.

The hearing aids in Hurstville is known to provide a few of the best aids in Australia. They are known to be the best hearing aid. Also, hearing aids in Miranda comes with an excellent feature to suit accordingly. Few hearing aids are known to have their brands which are known to have the best quality and service and are widely available in places like Hurstville and Miranda.

The following are a few common styles of hearing aids in Hurtsville.

BTE – Behind The Ears

The hearing aids that are worn behind the ears are known to be easy and simple to maintain, suitable and reliable for all the stages of hearing loss. It contains a case which has the processor, microphone, battery and amplifier, which is fitted behind the ear. It is then attached by a sound tube in the ear canal which is connected by a piece.


  • It suits all the stages of hearing loss that covers even the extreme stage.
  • Batteries last longer. It is also available in rechargeable batteries models saving you from the pain of changing or buying the batteries.
  • With the help of open-fit BTE, the audiologist can slate the hearing aid according to your hearing frequency while avoiding the one that you can hear.


  • It is large compared to other hearing aid making it noticeable to other people.
  • It can cause a convenience issue with your glasses.

ITE – In The Ear

It is the smallest hearing aid which is worn inside the ear – ITE, completely in the canal – CIC, in the canal – ITE, or invisible in the canal – IIC. The battery, microphone, receiver, and processor are all fitted in one unit. They are best suited for moderate to mild hearing loss. In a few cases, it can suit even severe hearing loss. It is best to consult your audiologist before getting one.


  • It is not noticeable
  • It has no issues with your glasses or hair.


The small size makes it difficult to clean, change batteries and inserting them. It is not suitable for people with dexterity problems or poor vision.

  • It has a very small battery. So it will not last long.
  • It may be a little inconvenient as it may cause a plugged up feel.

ITE – Receiver In The Ear

ITE is a cross between the BTE and the ITE. The microphone, battery, and processor are fitted in a unit behind the ear, while the speaker is fixed in the canal and is linked by a thin wire. It is one of the most popular brands.


  • Suitable for mild to severe loss.
  • Batteries last longer.
  • It does not block the ear canal giving way to natural sounds.


  • It is noticeable
  • It may cause inconvenience to people with glasses.
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