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Designing a commercial kitchen requires a lot of planning. Commercial kitchens are in demand nowadays due to the expanding rate of fast-food chains and local kitchens. Unlike our normal-sized kitchens, commercial kitchens have bigger spaces with a lot of people working at the same time. The requirements of commercial kitchens are very different from normal kitchens. If you are deciding to make a commercial kitchen for the first time, it can get overwhelming.  This makes the commercial kitchen equipment in Sydney industries popular. If you are looking to start a restaurant, here are some tips and tricks.

commercial kitchen equipment Sydney

What type of equipment does a commercial kitchen need?

With big spaces come more equipment and fit-outs. Commercial kitchen equipment available in Sydney is usually larger that can hold more food. The options and categories are endless, therefore the commercial kitchen equipment is divided into four categories depending upon the roles they carry out:

  1. Equipment to Receive and store food- These are the initial stage of food preparation. Here we will need equipment like refrigerators, freezers, and cold storage walk-in units for storage and temperature maintenance. This equipment varies in size depending on the size of the kitchen requirements.
  2. Equipment that Fabricates and prepares food- the equipment list here will consist of tools like breading machines, can openers, cutters and slicers, mixers, knives and knife sharpeners, peelers, chopping boards and so on. These are used to chop, cut and slice stuff before cooking it.
  3. Equipment to Prepare and process food- The pieces of equipment that are used to process food are very important. They are the ones that ensure the freshness and proper temperature of the food. This category contains machines like broilers, convection ovens, frying equipment,  revolving tray ovens, hot plates, dough makers, microwave ovens, proof cabinets, cooking ranges, steamers, display cooking equipment, steam-jacketed kettles, steam boiler, tilting fry pans, griddle and grills, etc.
  4. Equipment to Assemble, hold and serve food- the last and the final stage of food preparation is to hold the food before serving it to the customers. The types of equipment here are beverage equipment, coffee brewers,  juicer, shaker, dispensing equipment,  coffee ranges, infrared wormers, blender, toaster etc.

commercial kitchen equipment Sydney

The list of equipment seems like a really long one, but a commercial kitchen would not need everything that is mentioned. It depends on the cuisine or the type of food that the restaurant serves which decides what types of equipment are needed.

List of fitouts for a commercial kitchen

Apart from the pieces of heavy equipment, a commercial kitchen also needs fitouts. The list of commercial fitouts, however, depends on the size of the commercial kitchen or the restaurants. The layout of the commercial kitchen is a contributing factor in buying the fitouts. This list will include items that will add to the ambience of the restaurant and customer ease. Some of the commercial fitouts available in Sydney used in restaurants are Music systems, Projectors, Outdoor heating systems, CCTV and anti-theft Alarm system, Wine Cellar, Water outlet features and fixtures, Live seafood tanks, Food conveyor belts, beer and soft drink post and dispenser and so on.

In conclusion, there is a long list of items that you will need for building a commercial kitchen or a restaurant space but it really depends on factors like the size, food category and the choice of interior preferred by the owner that decides what all you will need to build an ideal restaurant of your choice. Take your time and make a list of kitchen equipment and commercial fitouts suitable for your space.

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