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Sun is our main source of energy. Its energy helps illuminate ours outdoors and indoors. Bollards are good examples. These short length pillars are easy to install. If it is solar-powered, then it is green.

  • Bollards are more stylish as compared to traditional lamp posts.
  • In the long run, solar bollard light is more cost-effective.
  • The lights are easy to install in any area including the pool and lawn.
  • These offer the best security.

Unfortunately, there are people who fail to identify, its salient properties. Here you will find, properties, which are unique to solar bollard light.

Eco-Friendly Nature:

Yes! One major advantage of solar power is that it is Eco friendly. This form of energy does not damage the environment. It helps preserve nature as it is a sustainable form of energy.

AS compared to fossil fuel, solar energy is available instantly. Fossil fuel needs millions of years to form. Alternative energy sources are not fit for direct use. But solar bollards are ready to use and available in the market.

Lowered Utility bills:

Grid-generated power is always consumed at a much faster rate. Solar energy is always in surplus amounts but consumed minimally. If the bollards get charged, they will enlighten your front yard throughout the night.

After installing solar bollard light your utility bill might come down to “Zero units”. You don’t have to worry about increasing bill amounts.

Meter-less options:

Metering is a type of service done by authorities for grid electricity. As solar bollards don’t use grid power, so they do not need metering. You are free to use as many KW of power as per your needs.

On our planet, the sun offers unlimited solar power. You can harvest as much as you want for each bollard.

Eliminates carbon:

Fossil fuel burns to give out carbon. This is why it is unsafe for our environment. When using solar bollard light you may not have to worry about carbon footprints. 

As compared to Alternative energy sources, solar bollards are better options. They are safe as they give out less heat.

Safety purpose:

Electricity is never safe to handle by everyone. But solar energy is always safe to handle. Solar power does not produce a similar current as your grid station. It does not involve a complex procedure to generate electricity.

The solar bollard light is easy to install where required. The sun rays used by the solar cells convert into light energy. The amount of electricity generated is smaller than amp power. It is not harmful, even when touched.


As bollards are gaining popularity, manufacturers always launch new versions. You will find new variants, every time you visit the market. You can buy single strip bollards to double or triple strip types.

Each type offers different illumination power. You can select depending on your needs.


As compared to traditional lamp posts, bollards are portable. You can install them at any spot. They are the best emergency light source.

There are other reasons as well that make bollards better options for your home. You have to select one that is the right fit for your home.

Thomas Robinson, CPT, Ln2 is a freelance writer focusing on the health, fitness and wellness industry. Thomas is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor and wellness educator.

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