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Fire can happen at any time. In case of emergency, you need access to best protection. The fire extinguisher is the best protective gears. But depending on needs, you always have many options.

  • You have to consider warranty when selecting foam fire extinguisher.
  • You can select ones that are safe to use.
  • The process of installation may vary from one type to another.

Based on the area of use, the selection is often made. You can also go through the charts available online. Expert’s opinion can help you select the right type including a powder fire extinguisher.

1. Water-based

These types are generally classified as class A types. These fire extinguishers are best to control the common type of fire caused by paper, wood or plastic. When selecting a fire extinguishers, you also have to consider the right capacity.

This factor depends on the area of the premises. You have to select one that is easy to use. Always install one that is lightweight and easy to carry from one place to another. During the fire outbreak, you may have to carry them from one spot to another. Powder fire extinguisher is lightweight and easy to handle.

2. Mist types

They are chemical-based and launched recently. The main benefit is that as compared to foam fire extinguisher mist types are much smaller in size. You can rate these types as portable types. They are effective in controlling all types of fire.

They are also safe to use and install. For electrical manufacturing units, these are best. For fire that can reach high temperatures, mist and foam fire extinguisher is always best. They are also cost-effective and offer with extended warranty. Mist types are often more expensive but more effective. 

3. Water spray types

You have to keep in mind that water is not always a better option to control fire. Water may not help in regulating electrical fires. Foam and powder fire extinguisher should be your first choice. Traditional sand buckets can also help regulate this type of fire. Water spray is the right choice for residential use. Portable type powder fire extinguisher, don’t need a direct water supply connection.

Foam Fire Extinguisher

Before you select, you have to focus on the hose type used. You will find different types of fire extinguishers in the market. You have to select one that is right for your premises. When selecting water-based fire extinguishers, try and select jet nozzle type. These types will spray water on the wider area. This will help in putting off fire quick.

4. Foam types

Today, foam fire extinguisher is also a common type. They help in controlling most types of fire. They are available in different class types. Unlike other types of fire extinguishers, foam-based use special type of nozzle. You can extinguish fire even from a meter away. This is important for your safety.

5. Dry powder types

As compared to others, the powder fire extinguisher is more reliable. They can help put off all types of fire. They are chemical-based. They are helpful in eliminating fire that is out of control. Before selecting foam fire extinguisher or other types, you should research well. You have to select based on application. The right choice can help overcome damage from happening.

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