Sun, Mar 26, 2023

Kitchens are the soul of a house and when designed correctly, they are a sight to marvel. There is no harm in wanting a stunning modern kitchen filled with all the latest gadgets and appliances. Renovating the kitchen is necessary as there are new trends that are being established in the market.

Livening up the kitchen can be a tricky process as there are many styles and designs to choose from. Is classic better or modern? What should the color scheme be? Is the chosen design everything one wants and needs? These are just a few of many such questions. As 2020 rolls by, the tastes and preferences of people are evolving as well. Modern and hip designs are now the craze!

However, the following 5 designs are ruling in kitchens of Epping and other parts of the world:


  • Smart Kitchens: Most of the kitchen renovation projects involve turning a regular kitchen into a smart one. Every aspect of the kitchen is leveled up from the faucets to the lighting and the appliances. Smart gadgets like sensors have made life easier and convenient. Smart fridges and ovens, stoves and microwaves, self-cleaning appliances have taken the world by storm.



  • Open shelving: Minimalistic, chic, and traditional, open shelving is coming back in style. Owners can put their cookware, utensils, cutlery, and plates on display on these shelves. It is also easier to clean and organized. The shelves come in all sorts of designs, from stainless-steel or live-edge wood. Glass shelving is another great option for the extra touch of class and sophistication. Bold, this design leaves a lasting impression.



  • Different colors: Pops-of-color are in style now, while the traditional white is thrown out the window. Darker colors are now more popularly seen in kitchens. From the tiles and walls to the cabinets, colors are dominating the market. Beautiful hues like of blacks, blues, purples, oranges, and reds are great options for Epping kitchens! 



  • Farmhouse: Mid-century and farmhouse designs are coming back in style. Streamlined and textured designs give a relaxed aesthetic. Simple and clean, this style is great for those who don’t want a lot happening. It is more of a rustic look, using lots of wood (steel for industrial look) and a polished finish. This style is definitely not a boring one!



  • Quartz, quartz, quartz: Quartz is back in style! It’s a strong and stylish looking material that is super easy to maintain. Not only that, it gives the kitchen an elevated look of elegance and pizzazz. Anti-microbial with a variety of colors and designs, quartz takes the cake when it comes to kitchen design. The natural stone look is everything one may need from their kitchen!


These design ideas are aimed to inspire. Using these ideas will result in an endless supply of unique designs. Don’t hesitate to mix things up! These unique designs are a reflection of the personalities of the homeowners and their tastes. The ultimate kitchen is that which ticks the boxes of both functionality and aesthetics. Be creative and design the dream kitchen!


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