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Metal BalustradeThe handrail should be strong and lightweight. You will find all types of material available. The lightweight material is ideal. It should be long-lasting. The material you selected has to be available in most stores.

Stainless steels and Carbon are the two most common raw materials used today. You can still check with other variants used. Wood is one most common alternatives available today. Light-weight Aluminum may be the second choice to wood for many.

The moment you select stair handrails in Sydney material, you should focus on a few points. 

  • It is important to make a selection as per surrounding environment – rainy, humid or dry
  • Focus on overall usability and exposure factor.
  • It is important to consider the maintenance factor as well.
  • Try and select something that fits your budget.

Your selection can be best if you consider all the above-mentioned factors before buying. Custom made handrail may be the best option if the material is perfect

  1. Environmental Factor

Raw material selection depends on weather and environment conditions. You should select material based on the place of usage. The environment can affect the railing over a period of time.

Location and traffic also have deep impact on handrails. This does not mean you have to compromise on quality and price. Carbon steel is cheap and the best material. It is often used for making handrails.

Being light-weight this material finds its application in the manufacturing unit. For indoor use, this is also an ideal choice for the manufacturer. You have to select material that is easy to maintain and tough.

When selecting this material, focus on selecting high-grade steel. It is ideal for use both indoors and outdoors. It can withstand all weather conditions. You can select stair handrails in Sydney material that is moisture-proof.

  1. Maintenance

Low maintenance material is the best choice. Select material that is easy to clean using a cloth and warm water. It should not be sensitive to stains. Material that is easy to clean with an organic solvent is ideal.

When selecting, focus on picking one that is best for use with mineral spirit. Material coated with a Satin mask is long-lasting. If you are using Carbon coated material, you have to take extra precautions. 

Scratch-proof material is the best and low maintenance type. It should coat touch-up paint with ease. The material should not need repairs very often. A well-protected material is easy to maintain for many years. If the outer coating of the material is well protected, then it is best.

3 Budget factor

The budget is often an important point to consider. You have to consider a budget that fits your needs. When approaching stair handrails in Sydney dealer, you have to focus on your budget. The material should be cost-effective. It should not involve a high installation price.

Less expensive material that is easy to maintain is beastly recommended. You may not have to invest money in repairs very often. It should involve a low cost during upgrading tasks.

Always ensure you select graded material. There are many other factors to consider, which are secondary. Select the material you are comfortable with for your home.

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