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Having a small kitchen has its plus and minus, just as it does when remodelling a small kitchen. The pros include lowered costs. Less space suggests you pay less money than you would if it were more prominent. Small kitchens are typically more helpful as everything you require has to be within arms reach for quick cooking and food prep. Cons are evident. It’s never going to be the hangout corner that you’ve always craved. It could feel a little stuffy at times if you have a large family. If you’re planning kitchen renovations in Rosebery and have a small space to work with, here are some tips to help you. 

Light and Bright!

The first thing you want to realise is that smaller kitchens need lighter colours to improve the visual impression of space. It is established that white makes things look more prominent, and black looks smaller.

So white cabinets are a big yes. Nevertheless, you don’t need to limit yourself to white if that’s not your colour. Think dove grey, antique white, pale taupe. But nothing will make it feel as spacious as white will. If you want to get another punch of colour, do your lower cabinets differently and the uppers in white. That will still open up your space!

Wide Tile

The backsplash is not only the most acceptable way to make your kitchen POP!; it’s also another excellent way to make it feel spacious. Including a horizontal tile like subway tile or timber look tile will pull the eye from left to right and make the space feel more expansive. 

Open Up The Space!

You could take one giant step when you determine to remodel a small kitchen to give yourself more space, honestly. If that’s what you need, then why not try? If you’re already planning to remodel, taking down a wall won’t be more invasive. The result can be fantastic, and you might get your much-craved hangout corner. 

Illumination Is Key

You’re going to want lots of light when you go for small kitchen renovations in Rosebery. From pendant lights to can lights to under cupboard lighting, the more lights you have, the more kaleidoscopic and open your space will look. 

Don’t rely solely on lighting, though. Selecting a reflective backsplash can create the illusion of more space. Think about mirrors, glass and metal!

Another way to use glass? In your cabinet doors! Having glass cabinet doors around your kitchen makes it seem significant! The downside is constantly having to have your cupboards organised!

Space Expanding Storage

There are a lot of pleasurable ways to expand storage space. Floating shelves are a great way to add extra storage space on a wall that may not typically have a cabinet. You could also build hanging brackets! It is not always possible when you don’t have much area to work with, so try putting them on top if you have cabinets. 

Another concept is to use a dangling jar holder! Pots and pans take up a lot of space in your cupboards, so bringing them out in the unobstructed can free up much room for other things. Just make sure you love the way they look!

One other option is to put miniature cabinets on top of your standard cabinets way up high! They look amazing, but they can be hard to reach, so you’ll need to add a rolling ladder. They can add a fabulous style component to your kitchen as well. 

Function Is First

Irrespective of your kitchen area, you need to understand that the kitchen needs to be functional. Anything that works in your favour should be your choice. In addition, if you start compromising the functionality of your kitchen for aesthetics, you might end up regretting them. 

Consider the above-given suggestions while planning kitchen renovations in Rosebery or anywhere else in Australia!! Enjoy the renovations!!


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