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No one needs to be pushed into a situation where a towing service needs to be used. Luckily, in this day and age, long-distance towing facilities are not only available for emergency use. There are several different explanations that a towing service will be of use to you. The solution to this problem is not only the maintenance of your engine but also the car’s protection. This can only be completed by selecting the most professional vehicle towing companies. There are a variety of types of tow trucks that can perform a successful towing operation.

There are all kinds of reasons for using a long-distance towing operation. If it is to secure time and resources, to hold a valuable car, or whether you are genuinely in need of emergency assistance, long-distance towing services are useful for several purposes. Any issue that does not require a vehicle blocking passage can allow for more time. However, the towing service should still supply motorists with a fair and timely arrival time.

While it can look like a sophisticated setup, there are tips and tricks on towing to ensure comfortable and stable towing services in Fairfield.

Do Your Checks

Like a pilot going through pre-flight tests, you can still go through pre-towing service checks. It is so quick to be overwhelmed or in a position that you are in a panic, e.g. packing up camp in the rain, that you are ignoring something that’s going to come back to haunt you as you reach the highway. These scans will take you less than a few minutes. Scan your eyes over the coupling to ensure that it is correctly wired, that the safety chains and the break-away wire are stable and that the trailer plug is plugged in.

Backing Up the Easy Way

It is important to take your time when reversing a caravan. First, check the location you are going to go back to. Are there any small roots, taps or other hard-to-see barriers on the ground? Moreover, when you are already going forward, angle the truck and van to where you want the car to go as you start backing up. In other words, when going forward past the stage where you expect the van to go, turn the vehicle to the same side as you want the truck to turn around. This places the truck and van in an open ‘V’ formation, all ready for reversing.

Run Wide On Corners

When you turn the corner, the caravan can take a shorter route around the corner than the vehicle, thereby cutting in. This dilemma can be countered by choosing the widest possible route around the corner.

Start by pulling your rig as near as you can to your side of the centerline a two-lane road before the turn, and turn as late as possible and as wide as possible. You will quickly get a taste for it and know that at times such as on a narrow suburban road, the only way you will turn a corner is to use both sides of the road.

Countering Sway

Towing at speed with a wagon swaying behind can be frightening, but there are a few tactics to prevent sway in the first place. Load your van in such a way that it is well-positioned, for instance. If required, use the weight-distribution hitch to make sure the tire pressures are right. When touching or passing big trucks, keep the berth as small as possible so that the air being disturbed around them does not damage the rig.

Run Wide On Corners

Pay heed to early signals of a strong wind area ahead and a slowdown in planning. If you are overtaken by a big car and cannot shift over enough, slow down a bit as the vehicle approaches. If the van starts to rock, lighten the throttle softly. Once the speed has been lowered by 10-15 km/h, apply the electric brake override and accelerate. This is going to pull the rig upright, avoiding the sway. The installation of an electronic stability control system will largely simplify this task for you.

Towing services in Fairfield should be providing more than just towing services. They are most likely to use wheel lift trucks similar to hook and chain tow trucks but use a wire strap instead of a chain. In certain instances, roadside assistance may get the vehicle on the road without a tow.


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