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Are you looking forward to making your home cozy? A fireplace is perfect equipment to install to heat up your home during chilly nights. Besides, it can also create a comfortable ambience around your home and let you enjoy the winter evenings with your friends and family. Without a built-in fireplace at home, do not regret it as you can choose from numerous mounting options and types of fuel. 

Before eyeing fireplaces in the central coast, you need to figure out whether it is for aesthetics, heating, or a blend of both. Once you convey your needs to the salesperson, it becomes easy to narrow down the list. Therefore, the selection of the fireplace depends on the requirements it fulfils. 

Read the points below to understand what you need to know when buying a fireplace.

Options of mounting

You can mount fireplaces in the central coast in several ways based on their functionality and appearance. Take a glimpse of the following options.

  • The wall-mounted fireplace adheres to the wall and looks more conventional with the mantel surrounding it. If you have a chimney installed, you can connect the wall-mounted fireplace to it to aid ventilation. 
  • With a built-in insert, you can add it to the existing cabinet or fireplace through the plug-in system or hard wiring.  It is a good option for those who want to convert a wood-burning fireplace to gas.
  • One of the commonest types of fireplaces that many people choose is free-standing fireplaces as it requires the least construction. You can select from countless styles of free-standing fireplaces based on the type of fuel. Moreover, you can also find free-standing fireplaces in different sizes and styles. 

Types of fuel 

When analyzing types of fireplaces in the central coast, you need to select an option based on the types of fuel. You can review the following options.

  • The gas fireplaces use liquid propane or natural gas or both.
  • If you have a chimney at home, go for a vented model and homes without chimneys can go for models without vents. It is easy to turn on the heat of a gas fireplace even though the construction may be intensive.
  • The electric fireplaces use internal fans and heated coil for the distribution of heat. Although you may not get real flames, it is a safer option for homes with children and pets.
  • The wood fireplace is a traditional option and provides the much-needed look and feel. However, it requires a conventional chimney and maintenance, so you need to appoint professionals for cleaning them. 

Features to know 

Once you zero in the options of fireplaces in the central coast based on fuel and installation, try to look into the features carefully.

  • You need to study the controls of fireplaces in the central coast to figure out whether you can turn it off and on with ease and maintain comfort at home.
  • Finding out the style of viewing, whether modern or traditional, helps in decision-making. 
  • Do you want a fireplace with or without a vent? It is necessary to choose an option based on your home style.
  • There are different kinds of finishes to get, such as wooden mantel or black steel. 
  • If you do not buy a wooden fireplace, you would not have logs but the makers can add artificial logs to make it look more genuine. 

You can explore all the above options before choosing the best fireplace for your home.

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