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Nothing is more relaxing than the cool water of the swimming pool in the scorching summer heat. Everyone loves to enjoy diving in the pool and having fun. But along with that, we must also consider safety. Fencing is a good way to prevent accidents and enhance its aesthetic value as well. Frameless glass pool fencing in Kirrawee is very common. 

About Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

Frameless fences don’t have visible joints like traditional ones. The only thing visible to naked eyes is seamless panels, a series of them. The premium quality glass pool fencing in Kirrawee comes with polished and highly smooth edges. They don’t have any metal slidings. However, the bottoms do come with steel hinges to attach them to the ground. These hinges, being made of stainless steel, don’t corrode or rust and it appears that the panels are suspended in the air.

Reasons For Choosing Frameless Fencing

There are many reasons why frameless glass pool fencing in Kirrawee is preferred and why you must choose it as well.

  • With them, you can ensure safety and security in a sophisticated and elegant way. They make your surroundings luxurious.
  • You can enjoy an unobstructed view of nature while enjoying your pool. It is more relaxing as compared to opaque frames.
  • It allows you to keep an eye on your kids while you are doing something else.
  • You can also keep an eye on the kids playing around the pool area while being a perfect host to the party.

These are a few common reasons why frameless glass pool fencing in Kirrawee is preferred over any other type of pool fencing.

Installing Frameless Fence

You can install frameless glass pool fences on wood, concrete, or any other kind of floor easily. The hinges can hold them firmly on any surface. You can fix them in three ways:

  • Spigot fixing is where high-quality spigots made from stainless steel are bolted to the floor to hold the panels in place.
  • Slot fixing is where the panes are fixed in the slots made in the ground. This makes them appear like they are emerging from the surface.
  • The third one is button fixing where the panels go below the ground. This is done with the help of bolts attached to the glass at the locations that are strategic for maintaining strength and balance.

These are a few ways in which frameless glass pool fencing in Kirrawee is fixed.

Are These Fences Strong?

Even though they might look delicate, frameless fences are considerably strong. It might shake a little in the strong wind but its glass panes stand strong, well supported on the ground with sturdy hinges, bolts or spigots.

How To Maintain Frameless Glass Fence?

It is vital to maintain these fence for keeping their majestic look unchanged. Once the frameless glass pool fencing in Kirrawee is installed, specific instructions are given regarding their maintenance. The good news is, they are extremely easy and inexpensive to maintain. Just use some liquid soap and water. Abstain from using scrubber. Rinse off the soap with water and then dry it with a soft cloth. You can do this every three or six months. If a lot of people are using the pool, chances are the fence will get dirty quickly. You can clean it a little more frequently then.

Knowing about frameless glass pool fencing will help you choose better and then maintain it.


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