Thu, Mar 30, 2023

One of the essential steps in choosing a suitable industrial air dryer is to test wet materials on the drying equipment. This ensures that the final product is dry and of the quality you want. However, before the testing starts, here are six things to consider when choosing the drying system.

Size And Density

The drying machine’s size and capacity depend on the size and weight of the things that need to be dried. For example, drying more minor things is different from drying bigger things. As important as size is, the density of the material is also essential. How the material moves through the dryer is based on how dense it is. Denser materials need different machines than less dense ones.

Material Handling

When choosing industrial air dryers, you should also consider how wet clothes are handled. Sticky or sloppy things are often forced into the dryer so they are not stuck in the line. If the company works with sticky materials, the engineer could choose drying machines with non-stick surfaces or paddles to keep the materials moving.

The roughness and fragility of the material are also things to think about. If the company wants to dry fragile things, it should not use drying equipment that moves things around roughly. Instead, it could use a machine that moves things more gently. On the other hand, if the dried materials are rough, the company could choose drying machines that can handle rough materials to avoid problems with maintenance or damage.

Reaction To Heat

Some things change when they get hot, and when they get to a specific temperature, they might do something. If the machine is drying a chemical solution, it could cause a chemical reaction.

In addition, if some materials are left near specific heat sources for a long time, they could melt or catch fire. Therefore, the dryer could go slower or be more considerable to help bring down the temperature. If the company works with things that are likely to melt, it could choose a dryer with a high temperature and a short time on the job to avoid a possible reaction to the product.

Efficiency And Cost

Cost is an essential part of every big purchase. When buying the machine, the company will consider the cost and the cost of running it. However, the upfront cost should not be the only thing you look at when deciding if a dryer is a good deal or not. Some machines may cost less upfront, but if they do not work well, they will cost more in the long run. And it’s essential to think about what kind of fuel the machine runs on.

Production Requirements

Lastly, the size of the industrial air dryers should match the amount of work that will be done. It is essential to consider whether the dryer will run all the time or in batches. If the company has big jobs that need a lot of output, using a dryer that is too small will cause it to get clogged, and the operation could stop because the machine will be too busy. On top of that, the dryer could burn out sooner than expected. On the other hand, energy will be wasted if a too-big dryer is chosen. It could also burn the food or make it dry out too much.


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