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Australia has over 75,000 practising solicitors, as of 2018, with most being found in the New South Wales (NSW) region ~ 43%. This means that the legal area is covered with numerous experienced professionals to help you with your case. The best family law attorney will lawfully deal with family matters and issues like marriage, divorce, child support, adoption and civil rights. The best family lawyers will always be up-to-date with the latest rules and regulations of the varying family laws to ensure faster court verdicts.

A family lawyer should be someone that will handle all the cases of the family and will ensure that no harm to reputation is done to the family. They will have the best teams and will swiftly resolve any family issues. You should always hire the best family law attorney to ensure that the verdict is reached in your favour. Are you confused about which family law attorney to choose? Read our blog on – “Practical Tips To Streamline The Search For The Best Family Law Attorney and then reach a conclusion on hiring an attorney that meets your need.

If you are unsure when hiring the best family law attorney, then continue reading the article below to understand more: 

  • Preparing For Marriage: For those going for love or arranged marriage, it should be noted that marriage can be a complicated affair. A family lawyer will guide you with the rules and regulations. The best family law attorney will also advise you of your rights and responsibilities. They will also come into use when you sign a prenup agreement when bringing pre-owned assets; this will allow settling the wealth accordingly in case of death or divorce.
  • Domestic Partnership: A domestic partnership is when two people are living together but are not married. They live a life similar to a married couple, just that they have not married. This was first introduced for same-sex marriages to live peaceful life before the legalisation of same-sex marriage. Nowadays, several high profile figures are looking for a domestic partnership without getting married. A family law attorney would be needed to help you with the prenups and guide you through the different legal processes.
  • When Nearing Divorce: Divorce can be a messy affair if not handled properly. Hence, hiring the best family law attorney is a must, and most people usually associate divorce with the need for a strong lawyer. There might be issues about the property, child ownership and alimony. A divorce can be due to several reasons such as extra maternal affairs, domestic abuse or sometimes just incompatibility. A family lawyer will ensure that you get a fair share of your portion without any hassle.
  • Dispute over Child Custody: This case is mainly observed after a divorce, as each parent wants to take the best care of their child. However, in some cases, it also has been observed that the child is taken into foster care on reports of child abuse, negligence or inability of the parents to make money. If you are fully capable of meeting the child’s needs and will support them through their future, a family lawyer can help you.
  • Adaptation Purpose: Child adoption is a lengthy process and should be taken with extreme caution as any legal issues might lead to failure. Not only will you need the best family law attorney to help you with paper works, but you also need to be physically, mentally, emotionally and financially stable to take care of the child. Hiring a lawyer will ensure a smooth process to get your child custody without spending too much time and money.
  • Drafting Wills: If you have a property and are in the final stages or want to write down the will beforehand, you should check in with your family law attorney to protect their property and avoid any unwanted transfer of ownership. An estate plan and will are a must-have in modern times.
  • Family Disputes: There have been several cases wherein fights over property settlements, custody agreements and much more. Hence, lawyering up is very important. The best family law attorney will ensure that the argument does not reach the courtrooms and is settled in-house. Only if needed will the family lawyer tell you to move to court. 

The payment of the best family lawyers will undoubtedly depend on the type of case they would be handling and the time and complexity of the dispute. They will always have the family’s best interest and ensure that there is no need for court visits. So now that you have understood the importance of hiring the best family lawyers, you should hire one for yourself at the earliest.


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