Sat, Apr 1, 2023

So you all must be familiar with the term called the ‘car park lines’, which is quite a basic and ignored thing but quite necessary to have. The car park lines are manually handmade with different paint colours to indicate and display the dimensions of the maximum area which your car will require while parking which would lead to a proper non-chaotic car parking system in your neighbourhood and even maintain a suitable gap between the cars to avoid random scratches or dents while parking. 

For this, there is a huge variety available in the market for paint for car park lines to choose from and choosing the most suitable one for your own vehicle parking purpose is very important and a little bit complex. 

So, this particular article will provide you with a proper and rational list of the most popular types of paints for car park lines used by households to make the suitable dimensions of the car parking so that you get the best one without any confusion:

  • Basic thermoplastic 

The basic kind of thermoplastic, which is also known as the pre-formed thermoplastic, is a very popular choice among households for car parking lines due to its easy customisation into complex line designs especially, in underground parking areas but, it needs to be used in completely dry places which implies if your residential area where you are currently living faces heavy rainfall quite regularly then, you should think wisely before choosing it.

  • Water-based road marking paint

The car parking line paint has a water-based chemical consistency which provides quite an important feature of anti-slippery merit. It is generally available in different varieties based on the darkness of the colours required. So, if you want safe and good quality paint for the car park lines then this water-based highlighting paint can be the ultimate choice.

  • MMA ( Methyl Methacrylate)

One of the most popular paint choices among households for the car park lines after thermoplastic is methyl methacrylate due to its supremacy in the durability offered.

Generally, some of the low-quality paints which you will find in the market at quite lesser price ranges will fade away after a really short period of about 2 to 3 months, but that’s not the case with this type of paint for the car park lines as it possesses the features of both paint as well as thermoplastic.

  • Reflective road paint

Reflective road paint is another type of good quality paint made up of rubber available in the market. It is quite popular for its enhanced highlighting and visibility feature, which is unmatchable when compared to the other types of paints that you will find in both online and offline stores.

Hence, I hope that after going through this article you will be able to make a wise idea about which paint for the car park lines will be the most suitable.