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Planning to buy cleaning supplies in bulk? Don’t waste your money by making the following mistakes.

Consumer prices are increasing all across the board. From gas and clothing to necessities like groceries and cleaning supplies – everything’s more expensive in the post-pandemic age. As the average shopper feels more and more financially stressed, many are having painful flashbacks of summer 2020.

Panic-buying and hoarding became the norm at the start of the COVID19 pandemic in 2020. Which items did shoppers stock up on the most? Cleaning supplies. For a while, it became normal for shoppers to buy cleaning supplies in bulk. So much so that many retailers had to temporarily restrict bulk orders for cleaning products.

Of course, amidst the shortages of cleaning supplies at the time, bulk buying cleaning products made sense. But, in the post-pandemic era, does it make sense to buy bulk cleaning products? People who shop from warehouse stores to receive discounts on items like wet wipes or disinfectants will say yes.

Here’s why many savvy shoppers prefer buying bulk cleaning supplies –

  • Cost-Efficient: Most stores offer lucrative incentives to bulk shoppers. Warehouse stores have coupon systems and membership cards that incentivise every bulk purchase customers make. To cut costs, many shoppers buy bulk paper products and use them over the course of the next 6-7 months. They purchase these products at a discounted price per unit and save a lot of money.
  • Eco-Friendly: Isn’t buying bulk paper products bad for the environment? Actually, no. Bulk shoppers use significantly less packaging materials than the average retail shopper. Many warehouse stores have recycling programs designed to help bulk shoppers.
  • No Supply Worries: Since 2020, the world has been struggling to deal with the international supply chain crisis. This crisis isn’t stopping soon. For the average shopper, having enough of whatever they’re purchasing is very important. Especially when it comes to essential cleaning supplies. Companies and individual shoppers who bulk buy cleaning products are always equipped to handle cleaning emergencies (e.g., chemical spills).
  • Time-Efficiency: It’s easier to manage your inventory when you buy bulk cleaning supplies. Budgeting is also easier and more efficient as everyone knows in the house or company knows their “cleaning product quotas.” In addition to reducing costs, buying in bulk also saves everyone’s time.

The Risks of Bulk Buying Cleaning Products

With essential items like cleaning supplies, there’s always the option of sharing the products with family and friends. Buy cleaning supplies in bulk, give them to your friends/family, and split the costs –easy way to make profits, right? Well, it’s not that easy. All cleaning products come with specific shelf lives or expiry dates.

If you buy cleaning products without knowing their shelf lives, it could lead to wasted products and money. Here are the cleaning supplies that are fit for bulk purchases and the ones that aren’t. Avoid stocking up on the ones that are unsafe and lead to unnecessary waste of money.

  • BULK BUY: Soap and Dishwashing Products

These two cleaning products fall under the “essential category” and have shelf lives of 18 to 24 months. There’s no need to worry about quick expiry with these products. Shoppers can save a lot of money by stocking up on soap and dishwashing products.

  • BULK BUY: Baking Soda

This household staple is another cleaning product with a long shelf life. Keeping a few bottles of baking soda is always a good idea because this product has so many uses.

  • BULK BUY: Hand Sanitisers 

Buying hand sanitisers in bulk is better for your finances and the environment. These products have shelf lives of up to three years. But, buyers must store their hand sanitiser bottles insecure and cold locations. If the bottlecaps open or leak, the alcohol in the sanitiser evaporates, making the product less effective over time.

  • BULK BUY: Surface Cleaners

Just like dishwashing products, surface cleaners last for at least two years when left unopened. Buyers have plenty of time to go through their bulk collection of surface cleaners.

Now, here are the bulk cleaning supplies you should not buy.

  • DON’T BULK BUY: Bleach-Based Cleaning Products

Bleach-based cleaning products are not safe when they’re left for long periods inside storage spaces. The bleach inside these products breaks down with time. It may eat through the containers and cause spills.

  • DON’T BULK BUY: Dishwasher Detergents

Never buy the cleaner that goes into your dishwasher in bulk. These products have tremendously short shelf lives.

  • DON’T BULK BUY: Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide has a shelf life of two months once opened. If left unopened, the product lasts longer. But, users have to find very cool spaces to store them. Or else heat destroys this cleaning agent.

Use this guide the next time you buy cleaning supplies in bulk!


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