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All About Limewashed Oak Flooring


As a matter of fact, there have been plenty of natural resources from Mother Earth enriching the world and humanity in all spheres. For instance, natural resources like rivers/seas, mountains, food crops and trees have been hugely contributing to the survival of humanity on this beautiful planet. That said, here we go about the applications of limewashed oak flooring. First off, limewashed oak flooring would usually refer to those oak floors that have just been coated with a limewash [a mixture of limestone and water]. By design, the use of oak will add more style and strength to your floors.

To give an example, oak is usually in possession of excellent features like attractive looks, strength and durability. No wonder this natural wooden material has been in demand for crafting stunning floors. On the whole, wooden materials have always been known for their elegance, style and strength. That aside, here are the details relating to the significance of limewashed oak flooring along with other relevant information as described below:


  • First up, oak has always been the right fit for various flooring options nowadays thanks to its brilliant features like durability and resistant power.

  • For instance, oak is highly resistant to fungal threats like mildew growth, thereby becoming the number-one choice for flooring, joinery and furniture.

  • Besides this, oak floors have been increasingly common across residential and commercial spaces out there. Way ahead!

  • Even then it is all the more important to take care of your oak flooring in all ways possible. In that event, options like applying a limewash over the oak floor surface will go a long way.

  • In fact, such limewashes will add a new milky look to your floor surface boosting its overall appearance. 

  • All in all, limewashed oak flooring will be the epitome of style and substance. 


The Best Advantages Of Limewashed Oak Flooring


Here we will talk you through a few more details relating to the advantages of limewashed oak flooring along with other important information as explained below:


  • More strength to floor surface: First off, the application of limewashes will go a long way towards giving a new look to the surface by getting rid of all kinds of scratches and fading. Free from any sign of deterioration, your oak floor will be tipped to remain strong and sturdy forever. 

  • Adding to the interior beauty: Well, the presence of limewashed oak flooring will go the extra mile to brighten up the interior, thereby adding to the beauty quotient of your home space. Way to go!

  • Enhancing the life: To cap it all, your limewashed oak flooring will be set to last much longer than expected thanks to its renewed strength and capacity. Added to this, complete cleanliness can be maintained in your home space – as a result of this. 


Right Time To Say BIG YES To Limewashed Oak Flooring


Apparently, there have been advantages in abundance from the use of a limewash for your floors.


Clearly enough, your limewashed oak flooring is in great possession of all the excellent features including elegance, strength and durability.


Well done and way ahead!


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