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Getting your teeth whitened by a professional is a great way to go. There are indeed many teeth whitening in Five Dock at your local drugstore. Some of them do work pretty well, however. Still, there are some excellent reasons to have a professional whiten your teeth. Here are a few great things about whitening your teeth by a professional.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitenin

Guarantees Evenly Whitened Teeth 

There is only one kind of over-the-counter teeth whitener. This means a person could buy a dental tray and find that it fits well, poorly, or not when they get it home. If a person’s teeth are not considered when whitening, their smile may have different shades of white.

This does not have to happen. A dentist will make a teeth-whitening solution that fits the needs of each patient. For example, if the dentist recommends teeth trays, they will be made to fit the patient’s teeth by taking a mold.

 Remove Stubborn Stains

Some people have marks on their clothes that have been there for a long time. Some stains, like those caused by fluorosis or tetracycline, go deep into the enamel. It is hard to get rid of these kinds of colors. They can only be taken off with solid treatments that whiten teeth.

The peroxide in the teeth-whitening products you can buy at the drugstore is not very strong. Because of this, they can only get rid of light stains. A professional should whiten the teeth of someone with profoundly or severely stained teeth.

 Takes a Shorter Time

It can take weeks to bleach your teeth at home, and you cannot be sure that the results will be perfect. On the other hand, a dentist will bleach a patient’s teeth in a short amount of time, and it will only take a few trips to the dentist’s chair. Your teeth will be as white as they can be after the procedures.

 Better For the Health of the Teeth

Before starting to whiten your teeth, the dentist will do an exam on your teeth. If they find any dental problems in the patient’s mouth, they will ensure the teeth or gums are fixed before they are whitened. This means getting your teeth whitened is an excellent time to have a dental checkup. 

People should also visit the dentist to get their teeth whitened because the bleaching agent can be a bit harsh on the gums. The dentist will protect the gums from the bleaching agent. A person should have their teeth whitened by a dentist to avoid painful teeth and gums.

Professional Opinion of a Dentist 

Teeth whitening in Five Dock is not for everyone; a dentist will let a patient know if it is an option. For example, if a root canal makes a tooth look yellow, the dentist will tell the patient to use a veneer or crown to cover the tooth. If the same person decides to whiten their teeth at home, they might spend much time trying to whiten a tooth already dead.


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