Sun, Mar 26, 2023

The slimming product combines ingredients that help with weight loss and reduction in measurements. Those who want to lose weight fast always find the ideal shape for their own body. And to simplify the weight loss process, the consumption of weight loss tea can be a great ally. There are no contraindications as the components are natural (herbs, fruits and specialities). It is easy to prepare and can be consumed hot or cold at any time of the day and in any place. 

To choose the best slimming product, you must consider the benefits of the product and your needs.

The most important

  1. Consuming a glass of weight loss tea a day is enough to enjoy the benefits of the drink. To maximise the effects, you can consume up to three glasses.
  2. You can have a cup of weight loss tea when you wake up, before lunch and in the middle of the afternoon. We do not recommend drinking the drink at night, as the substances can disrupt sleep for some people.
  3. Anyone who has a heart problem, high blood pressure, is pregnant or breastfeeding should look for a nutritionist or nutritionist before starting treatment with tea to lose weight.

How does tea influence weight loss?

Weight gain is caused by several factors such as inadequate diet, sedentary lifestyle, low fluid intake, hormonal changes, slow metabolism and family history. Excess weight can be reversed with physical exercise, proper nutrition, and daily tea consumption to lose weight. Weight loss tea provides several benefits: increased metabolism, calorie loss, localised fat reduction, decreased swelling, feeling of satiety, less desire to eat sweets, and diuretic or laxative effect. 

As slimming teas offer a higher concentration of actives or a mixture of actives that help with weight loss, you will start to notice benefits after eight weeks of treatment. Experts recommend that you have a cup of tea with a stimulating effect in the morning and a cup of tea with a calming effect in the evening. Do not drink more than a litre of weight loss tea a day, as it can be bad for your health. 

How to make the most of the benefits of tea to lose weight?

Do you want to make the most of the benefits of tea to lose weight? So don’t sweeten the drink. If you find it bad to drink, add a drop of natural sweetener or a little organic honey. Follow the correct proportion, that is, for each sachet, use 250ml of boiling water. If you prefer to use dry herbs, add a spoon for every litre. 

Remember that the results are lost when you dilute the tea too much. Leave the tea to infuse for the correct amount of time. That is, place the sachet in boiling water and let it release its substances for three to five minutes, then drink it. Have a cup of stimulating tea in the morning or afternoon and a cup of calming tea in the evening. If the tea has caffeine in the composition, do not drink it after five o’clock in the afternoon, otherwise, you may find it difficult to sleep.


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