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People think the staircase as a simple way of passing between two floors but in addition to its function, it can also improve the aesthetics of the house based on the location of the staircase. Give more importance to the aesthetics of the staircase if it is located in the front of the house, foyer or hallway. If you identify some wear and tear in the staircase then try to update it immediately instead of matching the design of the other room. Renovating the staircase is an easy task. In this article let us discuss some simple steps that can be applied while performing staircase renovations in Sydney.

Different ways of improving the look of the staircase:

Some of the simple and effective ways of improving the look of the staircase are listed below:


One of the easiest ways to improve the look of the staircase is refinishing. Remove the worn or unattractive carpet and replace it with a new one or leave it blank to give a new look for the staircase. To remove the scratches or glue you must sand the wood surface. If there are any small holes in the timber staircase then use wood putty to fill the holes. For making the staircase new and attractive you can recoat the timber using stains and polyurethane. To bring back the original natural look of the timber staircase you must do sanding and refinishing.

In case of stain or large scratches, you can use paint for hiding it. Use white color paint for giving a bright and fresh look and you can use black color paint for a modern and sophisticated feel. To hide the wear and tear part of the staircase you can paint faux runners using stencils.

Replace the treads and risers:

If hiding the damage or scratch using paint is not possible then you can use treads and risers for covering the existing damaged staircase. Treads and risers are available in a precut package. It will be available in all local house improvement stores. Precut treads and risers will be similar to pine and oak. Treads and risers will also provide the warm and natural look of the timber.

Using the treads and risers will increase the height of the staircase. Use precut treads and risers only if the staircase is damaged aesthetically and not functionally. If you are not sure about the type of damage then get help from the contractors who are experienced in staircase renovations in Sydney. If the damage affects the function of the staircase then it is not advised to use treads and risers.

Include molding:

If you want a new dramatic look for the staircase then you can add some decorative molding to the existing staircase. Different types of decorative moldings are available in the store. You can select one which suits the other interior design of the house. Try to choose a simple molding design. For a more attractive look, you can wainscot the walls that are near to the steps. Replacing handrails and balusters will also give a new and renovated look for the staircase.


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