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What if you could have food that is super tasty and comes with super amazing health benefits at the same point in time? Lebanese food in Parramatta brings you this amazing fusion which is amazing to witness. There are various Lebanese dishes that you can try by visiting quality Lebanese restaurants in Parramatta. We will take a look at them one by one here: 


It is a Bulgur salad which is made in a very unique manner. It is made with fresh parsley and mint, which are two of its main ingredients. Apart from that, it consists of a handful of bulgur, finely chopped tomatoes, and onions, with a drizzle of lemon juice and olive oil. When all these ingredients are brought to one, you get to witness one of the most delicious Lebanese food items. It is considered to be a traditional dish which has evolved over some time. You can go to a Lebanese restaurant in Parramatta to have this tasty food item. 


Lebanese food can be eaten for each meal. Take this dish, for example, a Breakfast item that one can find in Lebanon. It is a variation of yoghurt where the excess liquid from the yoghurt can be strained. Thereafter, the firm and creamy white dip is used for the dish. Most of the Lebanese restaurants in Parramatta can serve you this item. It can be eaten spread on pita bread, baguettes, or toast, finished with a sprinkle of herbs and thyme. Its taste is a mixed bag as it can be salty, tangy and sour. 


If you have ever heard about Lebanese food before, you must have heard about this food item as well. We are pretty sure that the majority of the restaurants in Parramatta can make this item available to you. It is a deep, rich roasted red pepper dip, packed with plenty of heat and flavour. Since it is made from fresh red peppers, it is bound to be spicy. It is also eaten as a dip. 

Lahm Bi Ajin or Sfiha 

Just like the name of this Lebanese food item, it is quite a unique dish. The dough base here is quite crunchy. Also, the dough is small and circular. The toppings consist of minced meat, onions, and parsley, then cooked in an open oven until crunchy. While it is mostly circular, Lahm Bi Ajin can also be cut into squares. You should visit a good restaurant in Parramatta to get the best taste of this dish. 


In the Levantine region, Hummus is considered to be one of the most popular Lebanese food dishes. It is made of chickpeas, tahini paste, lemon juice along with a hint of garlic. It is a very versatile food item as you can mix it with plenty of other dishes. There is a wide variety of this food item. We are pretty sure that different restaurants in Parramatta can come with different food dishes of their own. 

So if you want to have Lebanese food, these are some of the items that you can trust in terms of taste. Visit a good Lebanese restaurant in your area to get the taste of your desires!



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