Sun, Mar 26, 2023

Is it feasible to locate a forklift hire company nearby that provides a balance of excellent performance and low cost-effectiveness in one package? In this case, we at Komatsu Forklift, provide a significant amount of value to your organisation. In addition to being very manoeuvrable, they carry your goods with the highest degree of reliability possible, both inside and outside environments. Because of the enormous capacity of our forklift, our counterbalances are capable of supporting very heavy loads. 

At Komatsu Forklift, we are dedicated to supplying our clients with the finest for hire forklifts available nearby on the market at any given time. We sell brand new forklifts that are covered by a normal manufacturer’s warranty. In our plant in Australia, we produce the vast majority of the counterbalance machines that we sell worldwide. At any one moment, we have a minimum of 100 forklifts available for hire at our depot. We won’t be the greatest, but we will be the most cost-effective across all of our product categories. 

In addition to a normal warranty, every client has the opportunity to purchase an extended warranty at a discounted rate. Every forklift we provide is available for inspection prior to hiring, and all of our clients are welcome to come and inspect their equipment as well as our facility before committing to a hiring agreement. In addition to loading and unloading products, line feeding, stacking, order picking, and horizontal movement are all possible with our fleet of forklifts in both indoor and outdoor environments. 

Our Forklift Hire Solutions 

We offer a range of forklifts for hire at Komatsu Forklift, ranging from one day to five years. The cost of renting a machine varies based on the equipment’s specifications and the duration of the contract you select.

For many clients, forklift rental may be a highly cost-effective option for a variety of reasons, and it offers the following benefits over purchasing a forklift of one’s own:

 Coverage across the whole country

  1. There is a quick delivery option.
  2. The option to hire on a weekly basis is also accessible.
  3. A wide selection
  4. There is no need to make a capital investment to utilise the equipment.
  5. Financing with a certain amount of money each month
  6. The cost of breakdowns, repairs, and maintenance is included in your monthly subscription.
  7. Changes in equipment options in the event that your operation changes.
  8. Capacity to handle seasonal peak demand.
  9. Because of our vast and diverse inventory, we will be your one-stop-shop for all of your forklift hire needs.

 Whether you need forklift hire services or forklift sales, Komatsu Forklift is prepared to offer you the most appropriate option for your requirements. Contact us now to learn more. Alternatively, you may call us on (02) 9728 0900 or submit our online form to get a free, no-obligation quotation for anything you need from experts who are willing to go an extra mile when the need arises for it.


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