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Installing new roller motor doors comes with countless benefits. These structures add value to the property, improve security, and allow property owners to enter/exit their buildings easily. However, to receive these benefits for sustained periods, the owners first need to ensure that their new doors are installed properly. 

Seeking professional roller door motor installation services is a must. After all, roller doors are large and heavy items with strong springs attached to them. DIY installation is out of the question with these complex doors. Here’s a complete guide on safely installing roller doors –

Preparing for the Installation

Firstly, and most importantly, the structure or ground on which the new roller door is set to be installed needs to be strong. If the ground isn’t strong enough to support the heavy roller doors, long-term use will invariably lead to structural damages – both in the doors and on the foundation.

Some other important preparatory steps for roller door motor installation include – 

  • The work area must be clean and safe.
  • The areas underneath the doors need to be spotless and free from any dirt or debris.
  • Appropriate signages need to be put up by the property owners, especially if the building is located in a public area.
  • Each side of the roller doors must have adequate room to set up the tracks. 
  • The area above the roller doors must not contain any lumps or protrusions. This is the area where the roller doors will be fitted. So, if it isn’t smooth, owners may face operational difficulties. 
  • The fasteners or binders that will keep the doors attached to the foundation need to be picked strategically. For example, mounting roller doors on concrete surfaces is a completely different process from mounting roller doors on steel surfaces.

How Experts Simplify Installation Processes

Professional providers of roller door motor installation have ample experience working with these doors. From wearing appropriate safety gear (safety goggles, boots, gloves, etc.) to employing safe lifting techniques – these experts do their best to simplify and safeguard roller door installation processes. 

  • They use socket wrenches to bolt key components of the roller door to the surfaces, making sure they never fall apart. 
  • Tools like power drills enable these installation experts to drill properly sized holes at the right places where they can safely mount the brackets. 
  • Marker pens, measuring tapes, etc., are used to measure and mark the roller doors’ width on each side. Proper spacing on both sides of the doorway is vital for ensuring smooth movement.
  • Pipe wrenches are used to modify the springs inside the roller doors. Installers make sure that these springs are flexible and durable. 

Troubleshooting and Maintenance 

If property owners partner with the right installation experts, they won’t have to deal with constant maintenance hassles. But with time, all roller doors become harder to operate. In such situations, DIY checks and maintenance processes are recommended by the experts.

Check why the roller doors are jamming. If owners can find pipe wrenches, they can even adjust the spring tension inside the doors to increase/decrease their lifting capabilities. As long as owners follow the safety guidelines, they can minimise the routine maintenance requirements of their roller doors.

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