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Everyone knows the importance of learning and how it molds not only the personality but also the future/career of a child. Though charity begins at home, yet the real exposure to knowledge along with the right track of development is achieved only at school.

How School Carves a Kid’s Personality?

A child psychologist says, “A child begins to grow and mature as soon as it is admitted in any pre-school”.

When it comes to any educational organization, there are benefits only of enrolling a kid into it. According to a reputed teacher from one of the top 10 schools in Dombivli East, the school provides a structured and streamlined education that helps in the overall growth of a kid. Apart from academics, a kid learns to be involved in a group and learns the essence of good habits, teamwork and learning, hard-working, and responsibility.

Child Development and Role of School

When one talks about the development of a kid, it is more than being social. It is all about growing up as an individual with the proper ability to have logical and rational thinking. Parents are the first teachers undoubtedly. However, the real training starts after the first enrolment. CGISD properly nourishes the kid apart from bestowing support.

The phase of learning starts for a kid as soon as he/she steps in. The better the early education of a kid would be the best would be its foundation for future education. Therefore, the teachers and the administration of the best school in Dombivli stress the importance of creating just the perfect environment for learning. The following are ascertained during the entire learning period–

  • Children learn values and manners.
  • They are encouraged to grow a pattern of learning for positive and most effective results.
  • Also, they are empowered to have a positive attitude toward learning.
  • Children are honed based on skills and strength.
  • They are taught the importance of social interaction.

The Classroom is the Learning Area!

CPGISD stresses on interacting with the children on the requirements and transforming the learning accordingly. The classroom is the learning area where students from different backgrounds sit and interact. It is the place where kids communicate with teachers and each other and share knowledge. It is the place where a kid learns the approach of solving a problem.

A school’s contribution to the learning of a child would stand incomplete until the skills that a kid develops during the entire learning at the schools in Dombivli. According to the experts, a kid develops the following at school —

  • A sensory skill that helps a kid to sense the essence of the environment in terms of taste, touch, hear, sight
  • Language skill where it is not only speaking but reading is also encouraged
  • Mathematical skill for calculating and deciding


Schools play a pivotal role in the learning process of a kid. The best one ensures the proper shaping of the future of the kids.

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