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The Rhino Modular Roof Rack is a powerful roof racking system that uses heavy-duty due to the fully welded construction. Its modular style makes it relatively easy to install because the sections are bolted together. All Rhino roof racks are designed to accommodate the UK’s most popular size boards.

The Rhino Modular Roof Rack has an aerofoil on the front that is designed to reduce wind noise and overall aerodynamic drag. The rear cross bar is a full-width roller bar system, so loading and unloading the roof rack has been made significantly easier. Rhino roof racks in Sydney are made of steel and powder coated in black paint, providing excellent corrosion protection and durability.

Rhino roof racks installation:

Secure everything down with the included parts:

  • Unpack all parts:

The first and most important thing when starting any project is to make sure you have all the parts. The Rhino-Rack Pioneer came separately for us, so we made sure everything was in the Rack box first. Unpack your Rhino-Rack Pioneer and make sure everything is organized and ready to go.

  • Unpack all parts:

The same goes for your CXB leg kit. This one is quite self-explanatory. Includes four legs and a universal Allen tool.

  • Slide the CXB foot into the pioneer rack crossbar:

The first step in this incredibly easy installation is to slide your feet into the Pioneer rack crossbars. There is a metal spacer bracket that bolts to the Pioneer rack crossbars. Slide the Pioneer rack crossbars under this section and then under the plastic part. They just slide on. A piece of cake. Repeat this method for all four legs.

  • Tighten the hand on the crossbar:

Once your feet are attached to your Pioneer rack crossbars, tighten your legs on the crossbars. If you do not tighten your legs on the crossbars, the legs will slide back and forth when you are measuring and adjusting a few more items. By tightening the legs with your hands, you will still be able to slide around them to adjust the width of the legs. Repeat this process for all four legs.

  • Slide the Pioneer crossbar to the rack:

Once you set foot on your crossbar, drop the cross over the rack, when the rack is upside down. You want to start with the crossbars at an angle so that you can swing them vertically with the fixed crossbars.

  1. Insert the spacer and screw down the hardware
  2. Measure crossbar width

You do not have to take this step, as we did for you. The distance from the center of the factory roof rail to the center is about 41.5. So, you want to match the opening width of your legs.

  1. Bolt the CXB foot crossbar in the center
  2. Turn on rack over and mount bracket hardware
  3. Rock mount

Now everything deserves to be beautiful and tight. Prepare to mount.

Lift your front rack over the factory rails using two persons and rhino roof racks accessories. Everything should be lined up perfectly. If the legs don’t sit in place automatically, just give them a slight push and they should pop right inside. Once all your feet are in place, you can tighten your feet near the factory rail.

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