Sun, Mar 26, 2023

The global market has changed with the onset of new technology. A major change in this direction has been the normalisation of the internet in business practises. Most businesses use the internet in one way or another but over the decade an increasing similarity between all businesses has been their use of the internet to grow their client base. By implementing the correct market strategies most businesses have been able to use the online model to run ads and generate revenue. The most popular service provider in this field has been Google adwords.

Google adwords services allows businesses to run ads on their platform so that they can generate leads and revenue. Using these services one can get more traffic for their website as Google is the most popular search engine in the world currently. Google Adwords services have been becoming increasingly popular over the years and listed below are a few reasons why:

Google Adwords services work comparatively faster than any SEO:

One can use the services of Google adwords or any SEO as a part of their market strategies to generate more leads and visitors for their website. But the advantage of Google Adwords services is that it can work way faster in providing a business with the top spots on the results page. Google Adwords is faster because it focuses on multiple keywords at the same time. One can also start, stop and restart their campaign at any time. Another reason that contributes to the superiority of Google Adwords over any other SEO is the visibility given to the ads that immediately appear on top of a page. In all Google adwords services provide a better chance for directing more traffic to one’s website and the transparency provided by this platform also helps businesses know what exactly is happening to their ads. 

Google adwords has integrated Gmail ads into their services:

In 2015 Google integrated original Gmail ads with Google Adwords services and then made it accessible to all advertisers. Email marketing has always been an important marketing strategy and so incorporating Gmail ads into Google adwords created a wider audience for businesses to target. People who opted for Google adwords could now also reach prospective clients using their gmail inbox and this increased its popularity significantly.

Google adwords allowed business to reconnect with people who visited their website:

There are many people who visit a website, consider availing the services you offer but then leave before making a payment. Google adwords allowed businesses to reconnect with such visitors after they had left their website. By using features like display remarketing and RLSA (remarketing lists for search ads) Google adwords provided businesses the tools required to retarget previous visitors. The chances of converting such visitors were higher and so remarketing features were considered very favourable in the market thus adding to the popularity of Google adwords services. 

Google adwords allowed businesses to measure and evaluate the performance of their ad campaign:

Earlier it was very hard for businesses to calculate their ROI (return of investment) using conventional media. But google adwords services provided a complete analysis on all aspects of your campaign’s performance which was very beneficial for a company’s growth. Marketers could now understand what strategies were working, which were not and could improve their ads accordingly.


Google adwords services provided features and traction unlike any other, using technology that was innovative and fresh while still being affordable for most businesses. This played a major role in its rising popularity over the past decade.