Sat, Mar 25, 2023

Are you looking for painters in North Sydney or any other part of Australia? Do you need everything to be perfect yet don’t wish to go overboard with the budget? Are you clueless about where and how to start the search? 

We’ve got your back!! We know how challenging it can get to search for painters online and shortlist them from online listings. To ensure you get reliable answers every time, here are a few questions you can ask your painters before signing any contract with them.

These questions will allow you to get rid of all your doubts and get the best results. 

Do you provide a free quote?

Ask this question when you first connect with the company to know what to anticipate from the get-go. Ask what is incorporated in the estimate. To confirm that you’re able to make an even comparison of all the bids you obtain, ask each organisation to include the following in their assessment:

  • Preparation work
  • The anticipated amount of paint and primer
  • Any additional supplies

Select in-home estimates rather than estimates are given out over the phone.

What are your certifications?

Ask for the organisation’s insurance details. A contractor with comprehensive liability insurance is crucial, so you aren’t held accountable for accidents on your property. Some states need workers’ compensation insurance, too.

You can also request to see the company’s business license. Some jurisdictions need home modification companies to be licensed or registered as contractors to perform this work in people’s residences.

Who will be working on your project?

If your project will require more than a day, ask if you’ll get the same people in your home for the entire job. Also, ask who is your primary point of contact for the project. Will it be the office line or an on-site project manager? Ask if the establishment uses subcontractors and whether a representative from the company will be there and the subcontractors.

Can I see a list of referrals?

Ask the establishment to share a list of homeowners you can contact about their experiences with the company. Don’t hesitate to ask the referrals if you can come to see the paint job in person.

What materials will you use?

You have to know what paint brands they use. It’s crucial to select the highest-quality paint you can afford. Going with a high-quality brand will confirm that you don’t have to repaint in a year or two.

What kind of painting preparations will you do?

Is wall sanding, wood or drywall restoration, and protecting and moving furniture included in painting prep as well as in the estimation? If you require furniture covered or moved, be sure to address this and figure out who is responsible for carrying anything.

Do you provide an artistry warranty?

Reputable painting contractors will back up their job. Ask for warranty specifications. Many establishments will share artistry warranties and back manufacturer warranties. When you’ve selected your contractor, ensure to get their warranty details in writing.

To conclude, based on the answers you receive for the questions mentioned above will enable you to get the best deal from painters in North Sydney and other parts of Australia. 


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