Sat, Mar 25, 2023

One who loves swimming knows what it feels like to spend a season without doing it. And this problem mostly arises during winters. So many pool owners prefer pool heating to enjoy warm water during cold days or months. Spending time in a warm pool is like therapy and it offers several benefits, for instance, relieving your worst aches and boosting your mood. If financial reasons are stopping you from having days of therapeutic sessions throughout the year with pool heating, the below tips might work out for you.

Save Your Pool Heating Costs Following These Useful Tips

1. Prioritize solar energy

You must be aware that no other form of energy reduces your bills as solar energy does. It’s in fact almost free. If you make sure that pool location is decided such that it gets maximum exposure to sunlight, then it will have a free source of heat. Solar pool heaters are the way to go even if they will affect the electricity bill a little due to their water pumping needs. However, they don’t work during cloudy days, so it is wise to have a combined system of the solar heater and heat pump. 

A heat pump works as a backup for days that the solar heater can’t cover. There can’t be a more cost-effective system for pool heating than this.

2. Prevent wind access

The more your pool gets blown by the wind, the faster the temperature goes down. So all those energy consumption for pool heating efforts will go in vain. You can’t keep your pool in a closed space, but there is always a way to prevent something to some extent. Make sure the things around it like fences, walls, shrubs, etc., are strategically built to protect the pool from the wind.

3. Apply pool cover

Your pool heater can continue heating but you don’t want to use it to maintain the same, or do you? Evaporation becomes trouble and the main reason that heat loss occurs. You can’t control something like evaporation that happens naturally, but you can minimize its effect. And pool covers can help you do it. They work as a protection against evaporation and slow down the cooling of pool water due to air.

4. Make use of the thermostat setting

You generally overlook the thermostat setting thinking what difference a rise of one or two degrees will make. But, the reality is that there is a notable difference in heating up to 50 and 53 degrees. You won’t believe but it causes around an 18% increase in overall pool heating costs for each degree rise in temperature. So, use your thermostat setting and reduce some degrees without compromising the minimum level of warmth and comfort you need.

Why Do You Need A Pool Heater?

Besides the tips, what lastly matters is your purpose of getting a pool heater. Whether you pick a solar heater, gas heater, heat pump, or a combination of two of them, you must analyze your requirements. If you need it just for a party or a day or two for yourself, don’t stress much about the cost. However, if you are a regular pool person, the mentioned pool heating tips will take care of your budget issues.


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