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Have you ever imagined how would you feel once you get to meet the person whom you idolise? Ecstatic. And what about if you get the autograph of the same person on any of the items you present. Well, it would be something like dream coming true. You would be on cloud 7 and tears might roll down your cheek out of joy. That autograph and the material becomes a million-dollar item for you, and you would do all the possible to keep it intact till you die.

This is pretty much the same for everyone. We all use items like a cup, t-shirt, handkerchief, or anything to obtain an autograph from the person whom we idolise or admire or feel inspired. After getting that we keep it safe in safe to prevent any type of exposure to the outer environment. But this is not the way how Signed Memorabilia In Australia or any part of the world be kept. It is required to get the best frames for those ‘million-dollar’ items. This will not only help the item to be displayed in the best way possible but also keep them safe and secure for long.

Let us look into some of the frame options that go best with the signed sports memorabilia. There are many available in the market but choosing the right one stands important aesthetically:

  • Square Frame with Designer Display Window:

Frames are available in different sizes and shapes. The commonly used one is square. Interior decorators suggest going for the square frames that have beautifully carved out display sections. It can be a great way of showcasing your signed sports memorabilia if it has the personality in it. The display section tells a lot about how you want your favourite personality and his/her signed memorabilia in Australia to be displayed. Therefore, chose the right square frame.

  • Shadow Boxes:

These are the frames that are quite popular nowadays. These are different ways of displaying memorabilia. In most instances, this type of box is used when the signed sports memorabilia are based on any fabric like a T-shirt or is related to any jersey of a team.

The reason why it is quite popular is because of the structure. It has a depth and a glass in front of it. The memorabilia are put in the frame box, well covered and enabling everyone to see properly.

Some of the exclusive variants of shadow boxes have the provision of lights in them. This helps in seeing the signed sports memorabilia even during the night.

There are shadow boxes meant to keep signed big sports items like footballs, cricket balls, baseball, etc.

  • Engraved Plaques:

Plaques engraved boxes or frames are a unique way to store or keep the memorabilia. Many people go for these types of frames because they provide the provision to add information about the collectibles. Most of them contain a small bronze plaque upon which the information about the same is put. This is a great way of giving the next generation that would perhaps hear the stories behind the so-obtained signed memorabilia in Australia. The plaque can be in different shapes and sizes but mostly matches with the box.


Obtaining memorabilia is tougher and keeping them safe and sound for years is tougher. There can be several ways to do so but these methods are the best ones. So, if you have one and thinking of keeping it differently, look for the option that would best meet your requirement and home décor.

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