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There is no doubt that the Slab Foundation comes with a lot of perks and drawbacks. If you are worried and don’t have a clear idea on whether it can damage your property or whether its popularity is worth a try then surely you are at the right place. There are so many owners who just freeze for the month on the end choosing some different kind of foundation. That is because the concrete slabs would then make a crack if continuously it gets exposed to the lowest temperatures.

Some points to know about slab foundation before you do it:

  • The Concept Of Slab Foundation:

A slab foundation is a thick concrete slab that is large in size. It is poured on the ground at one time. The slabs edges are thicker which can be around 24 inches. This allows additional strength around the perimeter. There is a foundation that uses tension cables while some use steel rods. Such types of materials are used to make the slab quite sturdy and capable enough to bear the load of the house or other structure. The concrete slab is positioned on the sand layer that can improve the condition of the drainage and shall also work as a cushion.

  • Geography And Weather Conditions That Matters:

Needless to say, that weather condition and geography condition can hamper the type of foundation which is best suitable for you. Due to area weather, there are often issues which need solutions. It is important to understand what the foundation of slab service is required. At times, it can be due to shifting the soil. Foundation movement can often crack the slabs and even affect the foundation. However, these are the problems which can be dealt with quite easily. Generally, the slab foundation is also called as the slab on grade foundation. It is made of concrete which gained popularity in the early ’50s and till now they are widely made.

  • Characters Of Slab Foundation:

The concrete slab foundation does not have any kind of crawl space. Such a type of foundation can be different as compared to the one which is made in the basement. There is also no space under the flooring.

The concrete slab foundation is the highly constructed option on the property which has been hard as it needed to be. It is one of the crucial platforms as the soil is graded because if it is not, the foundation can sink or even settle because of lack of soil compaction. 

  • Perks Of Slab Foundation:

There are many advantages of such type of foundation offers is the price saving deal. It is less expensive for making the foundations and pier. As the wooden material such as floor hosts are not needed, they are usually with the beam or pier structures because of which the price gets eliminated. Other than this there is now crawl space under them because of which the utility bill of the air conditioner and heating also reduces.

It does not take much time to create a slab foundation as the slab itself can be poured in a single day.


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